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All courses created in Moodle default to being hidden from students. This way, instructors can begin adding content and organizing their course without having to worry whether their students will interact with assignments before they're ready.

However, in order for your students to see your Moodle course and interact with the activities, you will need to go into your course settings and change the visibility setting.

1. Log in to Moodle

Go to Click the log in link in the upper righthand corner, and log in using your CCA account credentials.

Log in_Moodle.png

You will be directed to your Moodle Dashboard upon logging in.

2. Select your course

In the center column, you will find the latest news/updates for Moodle, as well as a list of your courses just below in the Course overview block.

  • Courses that are currently hidden from students will be labeled as such here.
  • Visible courses will always display above hidden courses.
Moodle Course List

Click on the course whose visibility settings you want to change.

3. Go to "Edit Settings" for the course

a. Click the gear icon ⚙️ in the course title header (upper right corner of the screen).

b. Select Edit Settings.

Edit Settings Button

4. Change the "Course visibility" setting

Course settings are separated into a few major categories. Under General, select Show from the Course visibility dropdown.

Set Course Visibility to Show

Note: You can change this setting back and forth as many times as you need, but site administrators (and you as the instructor) will be able to access this course no matter what the setting is.

5. Save your changes

When you've finished hiding (or unhiding) the course, scroll to the very bottom of the page and click the Save and display button.

Save and Display button