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Assign Weights to Grade Categories and Grade items - Faculty

Last updated on Apr 15, 2022

Set grade item weights

Note: This pertains to a gradebook set to Weighted Mean of grades. If you are using another aggregation type, consult additional help here.

All gradable activities will create a corresponding grade item in the gradebook. Each grade item should be placed inside the correct category in order to be calculated properly.

All grade items have a weight associated with them. This weight is not about points and is not about percentage. This weight is in relation to other grade items in the same category. It's a way to weight the value of one more than another. A weight of 2 will count twice as much as a weight of 1. A weight of 10 will count twice as much as a weight of 5 as well. The numbers are in relation to one another. 

  • You might use this if your category is a final project where several graded items scaffold the project.
  • Example: Allow the final project to weigh 10x as much as the original draft or outline by setting the final project weight to 10 and the draft to 1.
  • These grades are calculated before the weight of the category is applied to the overall grade in the course. Moodle will do all of the math for you.

You can set the weights by Turning editing on, navigating to the Setup tab, typing the weights into the weight column for individual grade items, and clicking Save changes


Excluding grade items

Sometimes grade items are added to your gradebook that will not have grades associated with them. Assignment activities are a good way to have deadlines for things like readings or watching a video, but you aren't going to grade that action. Or maybe you have an intro activity or a low-stakes activity that you aren't going to grade in Moodle. You cannot delete or remove grade items from the gradebook, but you can set the weights for these items to '0' and they will not be included: