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During the spring 2021 semester, all staff who are able to work remotely will continue to do so, and campus facilities are closed to everyone except essential staff. Here, CCA staff can find information from Human Resources and Facilities + Operations about health and safety guidelines, remote work, access to campus, ETS resources, and more.

Staff/Team Surveys Now Open!

The following surveys are now open, through Friday, April 30th:

  • Staff Survey: The staff survey is now open for all CCA staff members to share their individual perspectives and experiences in delivery of services, engaging with the community, and work/life balance during the pandemic. Participation is voluntary. Managers have been asked to allow their staff members time during work to complete the survey. We expect the survey to take between 30 and 45 minutes to complete.
    Complete the Staff Survey
  • Team Survey: We are asking teams to come together and reflect upon the way they have been able to collaborate, deliver services, and engage with the CCA community during the pandemic. By “team” we are referring to the colleagues with whom you work closely to deliver services. Teams are expected to self-identify and self-organize, with support from managers. We encourage teams to consider using existing team meetings to complete this exercise. We have provided a survey below to facilitate this discussion, and ask each team to complete the survey during the discussion in order to share the outcomes with the Service Redesign Task Force.
    Complete the Team Survey

Working on Campus

Only essential employees engaging in essential functions are allowed to work on campus at this time. All staff, faculty, and students who need to physically be on campus or in CCA residences must complete a brief, online assessment of symptoms and exposure risk prior to entering either CCA campus. Learn more about the #CampusClear Daily Health Assessment tool and download the app. When you are on campus, follow all posted guidelines. Face coverings must be worn at all times on both campuses and in shared areas of CCA residence halls.

All staff, faculty and students who are on campus at least once per week regularly are also required to participate in the surveillance COVID-19 testing program. View more details in the COVID–19 Prevention Plan or here.

Working Remotely

Most employees will continue to work remotely through the fall 2020 semester according to arrangements they’ve established with their supervisors. Employees may access their offices on select days to retrieve files, materials, and equipment. Learn more about campus access and taking home CCA equipment. Much more information about working remotely, including details about technology support, what to do if you are sick, CCA’s interim reimbursement policy for worker expenses, remote work tips, and benefits information is available on Human Resource’s Workplace guidelines during COVID–19 page.

Positive Test, Symptoms, or Exposure

If you are sick, stay home! If you test positive for COVID-19 or are exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, contact HR immediately at CCA will cooperate with public health officials to facilitate contact tracing to help identify and contact individuals who may have been exposed. CCA employees and students who are on campus are encouraged to keep a daily log of people with whom they have close contact. This log does not have to be shared with anyone, but if you test positive this information may help public health officials identify and contact individuals who may have been exposed.

Employees who are ill and unable to work should use their sick time in accordance with the college’s sick time policies. Staff must notify their manager, and faculty must notify their program chair if they are unable to work due to illness. See more information for sick employees.

Please review CCA’s paid leave policies on the Workplace Guidelines During COVID–19 Closure Portal page for information about additional accommodations associated with COVID–19. If you are concerned you do not have sick time available, contact HR.

Technology Support

The Help Desk and Staff Support are operating business as usual, albeit remotely. We have lined up some additional staff available to pitch in as needed to make sure you receive support and answers to your questions in a timely manner. All help requests must go through Help Desk. This allows us to more efficiently and effectively route your request to the right resource.

During normal operations, CCA does not allow the use of personal computers for work to ensure the protection and preservation of CCA-managed files and data. During this period of remote work, however, the demand for laptops has exceeded our ability to ensure that every staff member has a laptop to use at home. We appreciate the flexibility of our staff, many of whom were willing to use their personal computers for work during this time. To support this, and to continue to protect the CCA community, we ask that all staff using their personal computers for work purposes carefully review and follow these guidelines: Staff Use of Personal Computers During Campus Closure. As a reminder, please follow the Guidelines for Data Sharing and Storing on any device you are using.

Enhanced Cleaning Procedures

The Facilities Operations team is implementing new procedures for thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting all occupied facilities each evening. High-touch areas will be wiped down with disinfectant throughout the day, and spray cleaning supplies will be provided for people to use before and after each use. All ducts in buildings will be cleaned and maintained. Air filters will be upgraded to MERV-13 for enhanced filtration. Indoor air flow/circulation will be increased where possible.

Reporting Concerns and Emergency Resources

  • To report a concern regarding a CCA student, please submit a CCA Cares form.
  • To report other concerns or questions, contact Human Resources at
  • Update your personal and emergency information in Workday, and be sure you are signed up to receive emergency alerts through our Rave system.

CCA’s Employee Assistance Program is available to eligible employees at 800-834-3773 or for help with feelings of stress or anxiety.

COVID–19 Prevention Plan Compliance & Enforcement

It is expected that all CCA students, faculty, staff, and visitors comply with the requirements and recommendations in CCA’s COVID–19 Prevention Plan. Compliance is essential to maintain a safe and healthy educational institution for all and would be considered a social contract with the entire CCA community.

All members of the CCA Community are expected to be vigilant in assuring that all are complying with all Health Order requirements and the COVID–19 Prevention Plan. As such, every member of the community should feel empowered to address any non-compliance that they might see to the person they believe is non-compliant, for the health and safety of the entire Community. An initial helpful comment to the person about any lack of compliance (face covering not on or 6 foot distancing not being maintained) is requested and supported by CCA; should an initial comment meet with resistance or continued non-compliance, CCA requests and supports the incident being reported directly to a Public Safety Officer.

The Office of the Dean of Students/Student Affairs will oversee and address non-compliance concerns with students through the Student Code of Conduct.

Human Resources will oversee and address non-compliance concerns with employees. If any concerns arise or if you require an accommodation due to a health need, please reach out to your HR lead or contact

Post-Pandemic Service Redesign Initiative

The CCA COVID-19 Planning Group, a leadership group that has been overseeing CCA’s response to the pandemic, launched a new initiative in February 2021: CCA Post-Pandemic Service Redesign. This initiative is focused on this key question:

When it is possible for administrative services to go back to being in-person/on-campus, what do we want it to look like and why? How will our decisions impact our services, our people, and our community?

A task force was formed to explore this question, composed of staff with expertise across the college in services for students, faculty, and staff. The approach is to consider this question from a service design perspective, focusing on opportunities to improve the experiences of both the communities being served, as well as the staff who deliver these services. We believe that through the adaptation of services in response to the pandemic over the past year, several opportunities have emerged that could make for a more satisfied workforce and effective CCA.

The task force will conduct its investigative work through a series of engagements with the campus community. This engagement will take place through:

  • Surveys of staff, students, and faculty
  • Discussions within teams facilitated by departmental leadership
  • A series of brainstorming sessions facilitated by the task force

We anticipate this intensive engagement effort to take place throughout the month of April, and will provide every staff member at CCA with the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences with the task force. The task force will then synthesize this information, along with an assessment of what our peers are doing, to identify opportunities where service redesign offers benefits to the CCA community and improves employee satisfaction.

By early June, the task force will make a recommendation to the planning committee with regard to the structure and approach to the delivery of administrative services. Among other things, this recommendation will offer a framework that addresses questions around staff returning to campus vs. remaining remote. The recommendation will outline an approach for Fall 2021, as well as future semesters as the campus moves toward unification over the next few years. In conjunction with this recommendation, updates from the SF Department of Public Health and higher education health directive guidelines will continue to support decisions to fully return to campus.

CCA staff, faculty, and students should be on the lookout for opportunities to contribute to this important discussion. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the task force facilitator, Michelle Ziegmann.

Staff/Team Surveys Now Open!

Task Force Members:

  • Michelle Ziegmann (Facilitator), Educational Technology Services
  • Julie Kirgis, Academic Affairs
  • Ayana Richardson, Academic Affairs
  • Fatima Padojino, Enrollment Management
  • Vanessa Gorman, Student Affairs & Staff Advisory Committee (SAC) Rep
  • Suzanne Greva, Financial Services
  • Amanda Al-Shamari, Human Resources
  • Lisa Jonas, Advancement