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Posted September 1, 2020, 10:25 PM by George Luis Sedano Updated March 23, 2021, 2:00 PM

As members of the CCA community, we believe in radical responsibility, thinking beyond the status quo, cultivating creative action, and becoming chimeraMADE. We strive to hold these principles in all aspects of our creative space and practice. The Creative Accord is the foundation that articulates our shared values, helps us discover common goals in hard moments of misunderstanding, and creates opportunities for inclusion. 

CCA’s Creative Accord is a cultural and ethical touchstone for all members of the CCA community. This collective agreement allows us to hold each other accountable and gives us something to aspire to as a creative community.

There are four principles that comprise the Creative Accord. These principles unite the 2,500+ members of the CCA community by naming our shared values, helping us understand why we do what we do, discovering common goals in hard moments of misunderstanding, and creating opportunities for inclusion.

The four principles of the Creative Accord are:

  • Radical Responsibility: We approach our craft with the understanding that we are interconnected and responsible creative-citizens.
  • Think Beyond: We examine and apply critical curiosity to ourselves, others, and our craft.
  • Cultivate Creative Action: We utilize different tools to advocate for informed social change that impacts us, our making, and our community.
  • Become chimeraMADE: We actively contribute to being part of a creative community.

Actions in the world require awareness of shared community values to catalyze collective action. CCA’s Creative Accord provides a personal and collective roadmap to becoming good neighbors and global creative-citizens.

Creative Accord Mural

Students in this fall’s Mural Project course express CCA’s Creative Accord in a virtual environment and think beyond traditional mural making.