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COVID-19 Testing Requirements and Resources

COVID-19 Testing Requirements for On Campus Staff, Faculty and Students Only!

Effective January 2021, CCA will require surveillance testing for faculty, students and staff who are regularly on campus (at least once per week, consistently or living in a CCA residence hall). This program is intended to supplement current health and safety protocols. Any faculty, students or staff who will be on campus starting with January 2021 will be required to complete a PCR COVID-19 test within 7-14 days prior to their first day on campus. Students who are moving into a residence hall or are returning to a residence hall after travel will be required to follow the Housing & Dining COVID-19 protocols found here.

For ongoing surveillance testing, all on campus members will be assigned to a cohort and will be required to be tested (PCR COVID-19 test) once per month during the assigned testing period for their cohort. Testing notifications and results will be stored in Workday, and employees and students should log their test results within 1 hour of receiving a positive result and 24 hours of receiving a negative result. CCA will not be routinely collecting lab test result documentation for staff and faculty, but there may be special circumstances where a faculty or staff member may be required to disclose their lab result to Human Resources. Students will be required to upload test results to Workday following the steps found here.

Anyone requiring an accommodation due to a health need should email

For full details on the policy, please view the COVID–19 Prevention Plan.

COVID-19 Surveillance Testing Process

When it is your cohort's turn to be tested, you will receive a notification in Workday requesting that you schedule a COVID-19 test within the next 3-5 days. Please schedule your test as soon as you receive this notification.

Staff & Faculty: After you have completed your PCR COVID-19 test, log into Workday and complete the survey to attest that you have completed the process.

Students: After you have completed your PCR COVID-19 test, log into Workday and complete the survey to attest that you have completed the process. You will also be required to upload your test result in Workday. Please follow instructions found here.

Staff & Faculty Testing Resources

Staff who are required to be on campus are considered essential employees and therefore able to receive free PCR COVID-19 testing through their medical providers. It is recommended that you access testing through your medical provider. Currently, no faculty are required to be on campus. However, if a faculty member opts to be on campus regularly (at least once per week), they will be required to participate in the surveillance testing program.

If you are currently on a CCA medical plan, please visit the HR portal page on Benefits for more details on how to access testing through your provider.

Kaiser Permanente Information

For community members who are enrolled with Kaiser as their medical provider, please know that the Mission Bay and Oakland Kaiser Permanente Health Centers offer COVID-19 testing. Please use the e-visit process to request a COVID-19 test - drive through, walk-in or by appointment.

Other Medical Providers

Staff and faculty may request COVID-19 testing directly from their medical provider, or it may be more efficient to access an urgent care facility that offers COVID-19 testing. Some options are listed below:

Government-operated Testing

Student Testing Resources

All students who are on campus during the Spring semester (either in a residence hall or attending a hybrid course) will be provided a membership by CCA to One Medical to access free PCR COVID-19 testing. Students will be able to utilize their medical provider insurance (personal or CCA student plan) through One Medical to access the test. The closest One Medical location to the CCA SF Campus is the Mission-Valencia location.

How to sign up for your One Medical membership:


Testing compliance is an important part of maintaining the health and safety of the CCA community. Human Resources will oversee and address non-compliance concerns with employees. The Dean of Students Office will oversee and address non-compliance concerns with students. Residential students who decline to participate in testing will be required to quarantine for 14 days or until they complete a PCR COVID-19 test. Off-campus students approved to use campus facilities will be asked to leave campus immediately and will not be eligible to return until providing a negative test result.