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Vaccine, Exemption & COVID-19 Testing Documentation

Last updated on Apr 08, 2022

Vaccine and Exemption Verification

CCA requires proof of vaccination and booster for faculty, staff and students who plan to spend time on campus. There are two steps to proving your vaccination status:

  1. Attest that you are vaccinated and/or have received your booster in Workday by following these instructions.
  2. Have your proof of vaccination verified and receive a sticker for your CCA ID.

If you have previously attested that you are fully vaccinated or received an approved exemption, you do not need to re-enter your vaccination information but you do need to submit your booster status.

Once your vaccination status is updated in Workday, you need to have your documents reviewed, and you need a sticker that is placed on your CCA ID. You may visit the front desk on the 2nd floor at 80 Carolina in San Francisco or the Oliver Art Center in Oakland to have your documents verified and to receive your sticker. It is important to visibly wear your CCA ID, and to have it with you at all times when on campus.

Below are accepted forms of vaccination documentation:

  • A CDC vaccination card, including the person’s name, vaccine type, and date of last dose;
  • A foreign equivalent of a CDC vaccination card;
  • A physical or electronic photo or copy of a vaccination card;
  • Documentation of vaccination from a healthcare provider; or
  • A personal digital COVID-19 vaccine record issued by the State of California through the website, or similar documentation issued by another state, local, or foreign government, or approved private company.

Residential students will be verified during move-in. If you have an approved exemption, you will receive a personal email from the Dean of Students.

COVID-19 Testing Verification

At various points in time, you may be required to submit a COVID-19 test result in order to return to being on campus. Currently, CCA is requiring that before returning to campus from the winter break or moving into student housing, all faculty, staff, and students must test negative for COVID-19. We will accept PCR, at-home, or rapid tests, but they must be dated within 72 hours of your first visit to campus. To log your test result in Workday, please follow these instructions.

If you have an approved exemption, you are required to obtain a weekly COVID-19 test and submit the test result in Workday.

If you are uploading a test result because you have an approved exemption or were exposed to COVID-19

You must obtain a PCR test in order to meet this requirement. Acceptable documentation is a copy of the lab report. At-home tests or rapid antigen tests will not be accepted.