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Important Details & Information to Students from the Provost

This message was sent to all CCA students by Provost Tammy Rae Carland on March 18.

Dear CCA students, 

I hope by now everyone has read the communication President Beal and I shared on Sunday, March 15th. The purpose of this email is to provide important supporting details and further information for students. 

We have had to take extraordinary measures very quickly and it is critical that you stay informed. We ask that you continue to read your CCA emails—please check several times daily. Also check the COVID–19 Portal page for updated information and archived communications. Few of us have experienced disruptions on this scale, and this is an unprecedented and evolving event. Your health is our top priority and we are committed to your successful completion of the semester.

Temporary Campus Closure

  • Because the Bay Area has issued a stay home (shelter in place) mandate there is no longer access to the campuses in person, with some exceptions. Students who live on campus can still access their residence halls, and there will be limited access to pick up work and belongings. If you require building access, look on the Portal page for public safety contact information and respectfully follow the process. 
  • Although classes will take place remotely through the remainder of spring semester, we plan to reopen studios, labs, shops, and other services as soon as we are sure there is no public health threat.  We also hope to come up with a policy for access in the summer and/or before the start of the next semester so students who are able to get to campus can complete projects and work that is reliant on facilities. Access to campus will not be a requirement for any class that is moving to remote learning this semester. 
  • CCA student housing remains open and accessible to residents.
  • If you did not move your belongings out of studios, labs, shops, and lockers, we are adopting a storage process. Your items will be secured until the campus can open back up.
  • The status of Commencement and other college-wide end-of-year events will be determined when we have more information regarding the Bay Area stay home (shelter in place) mandate.

Learning for the Remainder of Spring 2020

  • Our goal is to successfully deliver our course learning outcomes and to help students complete the remainder of the semester so you can graduate this semester or return next fall ready to continue your studies on track.
  • As of Monday, March 30, students and faculty will resume classes online and remotely. Your faculty will get updated syllabi to you prior to this date, with details about the various approaches they will be taking.
  • We will not have any in-person field trips or lectures for the remainder of the spring 2020 term.
  • Graduating undergraduate and graduate students, please be assured that your faculty and staff are busy investigating alternative online and publication spaces to exhibit and celebrate your thesis work. We are also investigating postponing opportunities and rescheduling what we can. More information on possibilities and decisions will be shared with you via program chairs or individual faculty who are leading your thesis classes.
  • Faculty are asked to check in with students virtually at a specific time at least weekly, ideally during the scheduled class time—although we recognize there may be a need for flexibility on the part of both faculty and students. 
  • Faculty will design assignments and course work that demonstrate students’ ongoing engagement with course learning outcomes and that align with the course objectives. I have been extremely impressed and inspired by the creativity and excellence our faculty are bringing to this temporary delivery model.
  • During this pause in classes, faculty are hard at work transitioning our learning to remote alternatives. Faculty and staff are putting all their creative prowess and expertise into this and will share updated syllabi with you as soon as they can.

Grading for Spring 2020

  • Faculty will be modifying syllabi to include clear expectations for how adapted work will meet the course learning outcomes and what is required to achieve a passing grade and credit. 
  • Before the end of the semester students will have the opportunity to choose either a regular letter grade or a pass/no credit option (P/NC). The P/NC option will not impact your GPA and if a pass is earned it will fulfill all major requirements and credit. Look for more information regarding this option on the Portal site shortly.


Student Employment

  • CCA is committed to maintaining current work study and graduate student employment and compensation. Student workers should continue work assignments as managed by their supervisors. Details will be forthcoming and although your supervisor may not have answers to all your questions right now, we are working on it.

Travel and International Student Information

My hope is that this information helps answer some of the questions you may have. Please know that all of these measures have been taken to protect the safety of the entire CCA community.

Thank you for your collaboration, compassion, and creativity in this time of on-going flux. We are in this together and here to support each other. 

Please take care of one another and I am sending you all my best wishes,

Tammy Rae Carland, Provost