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Substance Abuse Resources

Last updated on Jul 30, 2021

The illegal or abusive use of alcohol or other drugs, or both, by members of the CCA community adversely affects CCA’s commitment to provide an environment of excellence in educating students to shape culture through the practice and critical study of the arts.

Fostering Good Health

As members of the CCA community, we all share in the responsibility for creating and maintaining a healthful and productive environment for work and study alike.

With this responsibility comes the obligation to be involved in preventing problems caused by the abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Health Risks of Abusing Alcohol/Drugs

Many well-documented risks exist associated with the abuse of alcohol and other drugs, affecting not only the individual user but also his or her family, friends, and roommates.

Alcohol abuse is frequently implicated in cases of sexual assault on campus, for example, and the misuse of drugs is sometimes a factor in violence on campus.

Other problems associated with alcohol and other drug abuse include:

  • poor academic or job performance
  • relationship difficulties, including sexual dysfunction
  • a tendency to verbal and physical violence
  • financial stress
  • injuries or accidents
  • violations of the law such as driving under the influence and willfully destroying property

Students are encouraged to seek immediate help through any of the following resources

CCA Resources for Students

Other Resources

Smoking Cessation Resources

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