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Fall 2020: Housing & Dining Protocols

Thank you for your patience as we revised the Fall Housing & Dining plans. We have been working hard to put protocols in place to ensure the health and safety of the CCA residential community. Please read all of the important information below regarding housing and dining for Fall 2020. 

Location and Units Types

  • Founders Hall, CCA’s newest residence is on track to open in time for the Fall term. This residence hall has a first-fill requirement, and therefore, all residents who need to be in CCA housing will live in Founders. You’ll be the very first residents of this beautiful brand new building! This means that Panoramic, Blattner and Irwin Hall will not have any assigned residents for the upcoming term. 
  • Assignments for Founders will be prioritized to the fifth floor which houses up to 75 residents. There are both suite-style units, with three bedrooms, as well as studio style units, and all of them have a kitchenette.
  • Assignments to the fifth floor will be on a first come, first served basis, and based on initial unit type preference. If the fifth floor fills, assignments will continue on other floors, but in units that do not have a kitchenette. Higher level meal plans will be available to these residents if desired. Microwaves will also be added to their unit to accompany the mini-fridge.


For Fall term only, those who chose to live in CCA housing/Founders, will be charged the double occupancy rate, which equates to $7,242 for the Fall term. This will be the charge for all unit types as described above.

Dining/Meal Plans

We are thrilled to share that the new Makers cafe will be in operation. We will be prepared to offer freshly prepared hot meals to the residents of Founders Hall. 

With that exciting news, all residents will be required to participate in the Makers level meal plan. This will ensure that you have sufficient meals during the Fall term, but is priced with consideration that there is a kitchenette in the units for you to also make your own meals some of the time. 

The Makers meal plan cost is $1,485. Please find further details about the meal plans here. As a reminder, student meal plans are not taxed, so having this requirement will save you money on your food budget. You will be automatically enrolled in this plan with your housing assignment. If this presents a financial hurdle for you, please know our financial aid team is ready to assist you, you may contact them at

Move in Date for All - Sunday, August 30, 2020

Please expect a new move in appointment from the Residential Education team, with a link to your time slot. To ensure social distancing, you will be assigned a 1 hour time slot. Unfortunately due to the 14 day quarantine requirement (further details listed below), exceptions to this move in date will not be granted. 

We understand that you may have already booked travel plans. We extend our sincere apologies for this great inconvenience. Please know we took this into consideration when revising our plans, but due to the 14 day quarantine requirement, and on-site testing, this shift was necessary.


Advanced COVID19 Test Required

All residents (including those currently living in CCA housing) are required to upload in Workday COVID19 test results, by August 26, no later than 72 hours in advance of move-in. Instructions of how to upload these results into Workday be posted by August 7. 

  • The COVID19 test results uploaded need to be swab for current infection (not an antibody test).
  • If you test negative, you will be allowed to move in as planned.
  • If you test negative, but you develop symptoms before your travel/move date, please STAY HOME and notify
  • If you test positive (and you currently live off campus) - you will not be allowed to move in for the Fall and you’ll need to wait until Spring to move on campus.
  • If you test positive (and you currently in CCA housing) - you will need to remain in Isolation until your symptoms resolve, and until you have clearance from the Dean of Students Office to move to Founders.
  • Please schedule your testing appointment the week of August 17.
  • Most cities are offering free testing sites, please check your city government website for resources if you cannot get an appointment scheduled with your primary care doctor. If you are currently residing in the Bay Area, there are free options in both San Francisco and Oakland.

Possible Onsite Testing

The college may require that you are also tested upon move in. If this occurs, it will be at the expense of the college, not the student. 

14 Day Quarantine

Due to rising cases locally and nationally, and to establish the safest environment possible, all residents will be required to quarantine in their unit for 14 days upon arrival. This also applies to students moving from other CCA residence halls.

  • Arrangements will be made for you to order food online from the Makers Cafe for Lunch and Dinner, and these meals will be delivered to your door. 
  • You can also purchase ready to make items from the cafe to prepare your own breakfast(s). 
  • Laundry facilities will not be available during the quarantine period so please come prepared with 14 days worth of clean clothing. 
  • Lastly, if you take prescription medications please come prepared with at least a 14 day supply.

Next Steps

  • Sign your new Housing License Agreement for Founders Hall by logging into Symplicity and click “Get Started” next to the Founders Hall License Agreement (Note: if you already had an assignment in Founders Hall, you can skip this step).
  • If you are interested in suite-style living (we only have a few 3 bedroom suites available) please email your preferred roommate group (up to 3 students total in the group) to 
  • If you no longer want or need to live in CCA housing for Fall 2020, please email by Friday, July 31 at 1pm PST. 

We will follow-up with you with your assigned room on Tuesday, August 4. Charges for housing and meal plan will be applied to your account following your assignment notification. 

Please direct questions as follows: 

Dining & Meal Plans -

Move-in Protocols, Quarantine & Testing -

Assignments & Agreement -