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Housing for New Transfer Students

CCA is committed to supporting the success of our students. Research consistently demonstrates that students who live on campus have higher rates of retention and graduation than students who live off campus. New Transfer students will benefit from one of three convenient and modern residential options. Please read the following information to determine which Residence Hall is applicable to you.

Live On Residency Policy

All New transfer students live in CCA housing, Please read the Live On Residency Policy, for further details on credits, exemptions, and the process to request one.

Transfer Credits



Less than 60 credits and under 23 years of age

Founders Hall

Limited availability for < 23 years of age

60+ credits and/or 23 years of age and older

Blattner Hall

60+ credits and/or 23 years of age and older


If Blattner Hall Transfer student spaces fill, New Transfers may live at Panoramic.