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On Campus Employment for F-1 students during spring 2021

F-1 international students can work remotely at CCA during spring 2021 semester if:

  • They have a valid I-9 form in Workday or meet all requirements to complete the I-9 employment verification process with CCA Human Resources this fall:
    • F-1 international students who have a valid I-9 form in Workday do not need to re-verify their work eligibility, even if they will be outside the US for spring 2021 semester.
    • F-1 students who must complete the I-9 employment verification process for the first time at CCA or re-verify their I-9 at CCA for spring 2021 will be able to do so remotely so long as they are in the US and have an I-94.
      • Those who do not yet have a Social Security Number must follow the steps outlined by the International Student Affairs and Programs office and the Financial Aid office. The Social Security Administration is required to verify legal presence in the United States before issuing a Social Security Number.
    • F-1 students will likely have difficulty completing the I-9 process for the first time at CCA or re-verifying their I-9 at CCA if they will be outside the US for spring 2021 semester and therefore will not have an I-94 demonstrating current, legal, nonimmigrant status in the US. F-1 students typically use an I-94--which is issued at port of entry into the US upon inspection of passport, visa, I-20, and other documents--to prove identity and employment authorization. Those who may be eligible for work based on other criteria should discuss their circumstances with CCA Human Resources.
  • They have San Francisco as the Work Location for their remote job in Workday
  • They have set up direct deposit or have a US address to which paychecks can be mailed, as they cannot be mailed internationally.
  • For F-1 international students: they are maintaining F-1 status during fall 2020, which includes a requirement to remain enrolled full-time (unless approved for a reduced course load by ISAP).
  • They meet any other applicable Student Employment Eligibility Requirements that have been established by the Financial Aid office.

All other students must consult with Human Resources about the I-9 employment verification process, Financial Aid about general student employment eligibility requirements, and (if they are F-1 international students) ISAP about whether they are maintaining F-1 status.

Questions about the I-9 process? Email CCA Human Resources at