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International Student Life

Last updated on Jan 14, 2022

Henna table 2014

Welcome to CCA's international community! This page lists groups, resources, events, and communities that are relevant to international student life here at CCA.

International Student Ambassadors

The International Student Ambassadors are a group of international and local students dedicated to improving and supporting how new students learn about CCA campus life and policies.

Ambassadors offer assistance throughout orientation and take part in the events that happen throughout the year. Want to know more about the campus and community of CCA? Email to connect with a student ambassador.

ISAP Social Media


Who runs it?




Isap Cca (Person)
CCA ISA (Group)


Student Leaders


International Student Clubs

Look at the Office of Student Life page to learn more about these and other groups and clubs at CCA. Interested in starting a new club? Contact OSL for more information!

International Events and Programs

Pre-Arrival Guide for Incoming Students

Below are highlighted events that take place at CCA during the year.

  • CCA Holi Festival
  • Moonlight BBQ
  • Tabling Events throughout the Semester
  • International Student Exhibition (Fall semester)
  • Pictures from previous International Student Exhibitions
  • Sushi Smackdown
  • International Education Week
  • International movie nights
  • Excursion to SCRAP SF (great deals on art materials!)
  • Lands End Beach Hike in San Francisco
  • Ocean Beach Potluck and Bonfire
  • End-of-the-semester social gathering (sponsored by ISA)