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Last updated on Jan 20, 2023

Information for employers: Applying for a social security number (SSN) during COVID-19

Hiring managers need to complete the Social Security Number Request Form (see Resources) when a student needs a SSN for their CCA Workstudy position.

  1. Complete form listing an employment start date in the future (SSN offices may reject forms with a past start date)
  2. Provide form to student directly
  3. Inform student to schedule an appointment with an ISAP staff member for completion of the form and all next steps.

***Please note that F-1 international students can only apply for the SSN while inside the United States.

Discussing internships / employment with international students

International students enrolled at CCA on the F-1 student visa are subject to very specific immigration regulations around off campus employment. Any work where CCA is not the employer is considered off campus employment and requires approval by ISAP, including freelance, remote work, and most unpaid work.

Please refer students to the ISAP Employment page or to meet with an ISAP staff member for next steps to avoid working without approval and jeopardizing their non-immigrant status in the US.