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Undergraduate Enrollment Checklist - Fall 2022

Last updated on Jul 26, 2022

Congratulations and Welcome to California College of the Arts!

This Fall 2022 Undergraduate Enrollment Checklist is a guide to complete enrollment at CCA for incoming undergraduate students. All incoming students need to submit their deposit before they are able to complete the steps below.


Fall 2022 courses will be in-person instruction

Our Fall 2022 semester will be a full return to all in-person instruction on campus. Students who are enrolling in Fall 2022 will be expected to attend courses in-person, as we will not be offering virtual or hybrid options.

CCA's COVID-19 vaccination policy

In our full return to campus, CCA remains committed to prioritizing student, staff, and faculty health and safety through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. CCA requires all students abide by the college's COVID-19 vaccination policy and be fully vaccinated, including a booster dose when eligible, or granted a qualified exemption, by the start of the semester. The deadline for all new incoming Fall 2022 students to be up-to-date on their COVID-19 vaccine is August 15, 2022.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) requires all international travelers entering the United States to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Learn more information and see the list of accepted vaccines here.

If you are unable to receive a vaccination in your current location and need a temporary extension, or would like more information about applying for a permanent exemption due to a disability, medical, or religious reason, please email

If you do not provide proof of full vaccination, including booster, or receive an approved exemption by the August 15th deadline, you will be dropped from classes and will not be allowed to move in to student housing.

Enrollment Checklist

Submit your enrollment deposit

To confirm your attendance at CCA, you need to accept your offer of admission and submit your nonrefundable $300 enrollment deposit.

  1. Go to the CCA Undergraduate Applicant Page. (This is the same page you may have used to check your application status and any financial aid award offers or transfer credit.)
  2. Access your applicant profile by clicking the blue button at the top right corner to log in.
  3. Use the email address you used to apply to log in to the CCA undergraduate applicant page, even if you applied through CommonApp. Use the "reset password" feature if you are having trouble logging in.
  4. Under the heading "Your Applications," select your application, and follow the instructions to accept your offer of admission and submit your enrollment deposit.

Create your CCA Account

After submitting the enrollment deposit, students will receive an email within 48 hours with instructions on how to create their CCA Workday account and set up their CCA email address.

CCA’s student information system: Workday

After you have set up your CCA email account, use the same CCA account credentials you have just set up to log into CCA’s student information system, Workday, by going to: You will use this system for many administrative processes as a student, such as accessing your student records and viewing your class registration.

To help you better navigate and understand the workings of this system, CCA has a variety of resources available to students on the CCA portal:

If you have any questions or need general technical support accessing Workday, please contact

New Student Enrollment Action Items in Workday

At the top right corner of the homepage after logging in to, you will see an inbox icon with a number in a bubble representing tasks or messages in your workday inbox. This is where you will find messages and action items. These will continue to be added throughout the summer as you continue the enrollment process, so be sure to check your Workday account regularly.

Action item: Review My Personal Information

This action item will ask you to review and update your personal information, including preferred name, legal name, and preferred pronouns.

Refer to this step-by-step guide: Review My Personal Information.

Action item: Review My Home Contact Information

This action item will ask you to review and update your contact information including your current home address, phone number, and email address.

If you are living on campus for Fall 2022, you can enter the address for Founders Hall as your primary home address. This information can be updated after you receive your housing placement information. The address for Founders Hall is:
188 Hooper Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Refer to this step-by-step guide: Review My Contact Information.

Action item: Add Emergency Contacts

This action item asks you to add emergency contacts, such as parents or guardians, for CCA to contact in case of an emergency. CCA strongly recommends that students add more than one emergency contact.

RAVE is CCA's wireless campus-wide emergency response network to quickly inform the community about any situation that poses a threat to safety. In the event of a campus emergency, email alerts will be automatically sent to all CCA email addresses. We encourage all students to add an emergency contact to their profile, someone CCA can contact if there is an emergency.

Refer to this step-by-step guide: Add Emergency Contacts

Action item: On-Campus Housing

CCA has a live-on residency requirement for all incoming undergraduate first-year and transfer students.

For all students to whom CCA's live-on residency requirement applies, this action item will appear in your Workday inbox and will be completed after your housing application is received and processed by CCA Housing administration. This may take up to a week. Once your application is received and processed, this action item will be completed and disappear from your inbox.

CCA Housing application information

In the housing application, students will be asked their roommate preferences, as most incoming first year students will be assigned to double rooms. Unit type and roommate preferences will be prioritized by housing application submission date, so the earlier you submit your application, the better chance you have at getting your preferred room type.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to complete this action item:

  1. Access your Housing at CCA account: enter your CCA username and password (same as your CCA email). If you just created your CCA username, please note that it may take up to 24 hours before you can access your housing account with your new username.
  2. Select “get started” (the blue button next to the Housing Application title)
  3. Read the housing application carefully, and complete all fields as necessary
  4. Review and submit your application (in this step you will also sign your Housing License Agreement)
  5. Upon receipt of your application and agreement, the housing administration team will review your information and enter you into the housing assignment process

This short video will also walk you through the steps to apply for housing. New incoming students should submit their housing application by May 15th.

You can learn more about CCA Housing here.

Action item: I-20 & Student Visa (international students only)

This action item will ask international students whether they intend to submit an I-20 request in order to obtain a student visa.

International students for Fall 2022 must submit an I-20 Request Form. Follow these instructions to submit an I-20 Request in Workday.


Beginning November 8, 2021, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) will require all international travelers entering the United States to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Learn more information and see the list of accepted vaccines here.

Please review CCA's Office of International Student Affairs and Programs Portal page for further information about the I-20 process as a first step in the F-1 student visa process to come to the US to study at CCA.

Action item: Provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination

All students, faculty, and staff are required to be up-to-date with their COVID-19 vaccine by the beginning of the fall semester, and must provide proof of their COVID-19 vaccine status (or receive an approved exemption from the Dean of Students) no later than August 15, 2022. A person is considered "up-to-date" when they have received all recommended doses in their primary vaccine series, and one booster (when eligible).

This action item will appear in your Workday inbox asking you to upload documentation to show proof of your COVID-19 vaccination status.

International students

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) requires all international travelers entering the United States to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Learn more information and see the list of accepted vaccines here.

If you are unable to receive a vaccination in your current location and need a temporary extension, or would like more information about applying for a permanent exemption due to a disability, medical, or religious reason, please email

All students must complete this task by August 15th

If you do not provide proof of full vaccination, including booster, or receive an approved exemption by the August 15th deadline, you will be dropped from classes and will not be allowed to move in to student housing.

Action item: Submit final transcripts to CCA

This action item should be completed only once you have received your final transcripts from your current institution with your final Spring 2022 semester grades. You will be asked to upload the original copy of your latest transcript with final grades.

You can also arrange to have the final, official transcript sent directly from your school to CCA. This action item will be completed for you administratively within 48 hours of receipt.

Final transcripts need to be submitted by August 1, 2022.

Review & Accept Financial Aid

After you create your CCA account, you will be able to review your financial aid award package.

Financial Aid award packages for newly admitted Fall 2022 students will become available beginning the week of December 20th. After that date, please allow 2-3 days to be able to view your financial aid package, from the time you have been admitted.

Domestic students

In addition to institutional awarded merit scholarship you may have received with your offer of admission, you may also qualify for need-based aid. If you have not already, be sure to fill out one of the following forms:

California residents should complete either the FAFSA or California Dream Act Application by March 2nd to be eligible for a Cal Grant. Once you submit your FAFSA or Dream Act application, it may take up to a week for your financial aid award to be updated to reflect any need-based aid that may have been offered to you. Even if the March 2nd deadline has passed, submitting either of these forms may render you eligible for additional financial aid options, so we highly encourage all US students to do so.

Review your financial aid award

Follow the instructions in View Financial Aid (Accept/Decline Awards) step by step guide to review and take action on your financial aid awards.

If you have questions about your financial aid awards, please make an appointment for a phone or virtual appointment. You may email for questions, but please allow 1-2 days for a response.

Academic plan and Registration


New incoming students are registered for their first semester of courses administratively by the college. This process will begin in mid-May, and helps ensure students meet important course requirements and prerequisites.

Each student will be registered for Fall 2022 based on their academic plan. Your academic plan is the multi-year course planning tool that brings together your program’s course guide (the complete list of all the courses you need to take to get a degree in that program) plus your academic progress (which shows what credit you have earned toward your degree, such as transferred credit) to help you on your path toward degree completion.

Academic plans

Your academic plan is a multi-year course planning tool that helps you look at your path toward degree completion, and allows you to see the academic courses you will be taking throughout your time at CCA. Students are asked to view their academic plan before they are registered for classes each semester, to help them understand how the classes each semester will build toward their goal of their degree in their major.

In early summer, students will receive an email with instructions on how to review their academic plan. This is an informative step in the process before CCA registers you for your first semester of classes. Please be patient for this process, as it takes some time for the college to set up an academic plan for each student.

If you have questions about your plan, please email No changes can be made by admissions staff at the point of academic planning. Corrections and changes can be made after registration begins.

Billing and Tuition Payment

Billing notification will be sent out in Summer 2022 after registration is complete

Students will be notified that their registration is complete and will receive access to be able to view their bill statement in their CCA account

The first tuition payment will be due August 1st

Please wait to receive a statement for the Fall 2022 semester before submitting your first payment. We will post CCA’s 2022-23 standard rates and fees for incoming students to review ahead of receiving their first bill. Students who do not make their first payment by the due date may incur a late fee.

Payment plans are available!

View payment plan options and enroll in a payment plan via Touchnet. Touchnet is CCA's authorized and secure third-party payment plan processor. By enrolling in a payment plan online, you can track and schedule your payments to be deducted automatically from your credit card, debit card or bank account (via echeck).

Here is how you can view your billing statement and set up a payment plan in Touchnet:

  1. Visit Touchnet Bill+Pay.
  2. Login with your Workday username and password.

View Touchnet page navigation video

You can also access Touchnet though your CCA Workday account:

  1. Log into using your CCA account credentials
  2. Click on "My Student Finances"
  3. Under the heading "Student Account," click on "Pay and Enroll in a Payment Plan via Touchnet". This will redirect you to CCA's authorized Touchnet payment page.

You can view these steps as video instructions to access Touchnet via Workday. Once logged into Touchnet, see "Touchnet page navigation video" above.

Refer to our billing page for more information.

Health Insurance

All full-time CCA students are required to have comprehensive health insurance coverage while enrolled at California College of the Arts, including if they are taking courses remotely online. 

Per CCA policy, all undergraduate students who are registered at 12 or more units per semester will be automatically enrolled in and billed for CCA’s Student Health Insurance Plan unless they submit an online waiver application with proof of coverage by comparable health insurance, and the waiver is approved before the student health insurance waiver deadline.

Enrolling in CCA's student health insurance

CCA's student health insurance coverage for the 2022-23 academic year is provided through an Aetna PPO plan.

If you plan to enroll in CCA’s Student Health Insurance Plan for the 2022-23 academic year, you do not need to take any action. The cost for student health insurance will be included in the student account bill you receive in August.

Waiving CCA's student health insurance

A student may waive coverage from CCA's health insurance plan if you have continued health insurance coverage from another provider, and your personal health insurance plan meets established minimum-coverage requirements.

The health insurance waiver period for 2022-2023 will open in Summer 2022. More information and specific dates will be communicated to deposited students later this Spring. Any students seeking to waive CCA student health insurance are encouraged to start the process early. You can find more information about the process, documentation, and general requirements to be eligible for a student health insurance waiver here.

Questions? Please email

Student Technology Requirement

Digital technology has the potential to enhance the study and practice of all disciplines within art and design. CCA views computing as an essential tool and promotes the digital literacy of all students.

Student technology requirements

All students need to have a laptop and external storage device that meets the student technology requirement for incoming first year students. Specific majors have additional requirements: see technology requirements by major. If your major is not listed on that page, the specifications listed in the first year student technology requirements will cover your needs for your academic program.

For those students who are not able to meet the Student Technology Requirements the college's Educational Technology Services will work with them to find support or other options.

Student discounts

CCA students are eligible for computer purchase discounts, access to Adobe Creative Cloud and educational pricing on software to assist with the cost of these recommendations and requirements.

For more information, please see CCA's Laptop Requirement FAQ.

Update your CCA Portal profile

Update your profile

CCA Portal is the internal site for information, resources, and directory for students, staff and faculty. Find instructions for updating your Portal profile here.

Set up your Student ID photo
Students should take the opportunity this summer to set up their student ID photo to create their CCA OneCard card. Student ID cards will be used for room access, meal purchases, equipment check-out and use, and general campus access, so this process should be completed before your first semester on campus.

Any student choosing to live in CCA housing this spring should upload their photo by August 1st to ensure a smooth check-in process to CCA Residence Halls. Please see ID photo requirements and step-by-step instructions for how to complete. If you are not yet moving into CCA housing this semester, you do not need to complete this step until you will be joining us on campus.


New Student Orientation is a required, comprehensive, and personal introduction to California College of the Arts that will help you get to know other students, faculty, and staff who will become an important part of your college experience.

CCA's Fall 2022 Orientation experience is made up of a series of online modules and on-campus activities during Chimera Welcome Week.

Orientation – Complete virtually throughout the month of August

CCA's New Student Orientation is the college's way of communicating the important and necessary information about the college that you will need to know as a new incoming student. New Student Orientation is a series of recorded online sessions for students to complete throughout the month of August before they get to campus. You will receive information to your CCA email address about how to access these sessions via Moodle, CCA's learning management system.

Chimera Welcome Week – Happening in-person when you get to campus

When you finally get to campus, we will have a series of in-person events as well to introduce you to the campus and community! We call this Chimera Welcome Week, and it will take place August 26 – September 2, 2022. We will be hosting workshops and social events to help you get to know the college, the staff who will support you at CCA, and your fellow classmates!

Check your CCA email regularly as more information will follow!

Questions? Contact


Disability/Access Services

Providing access to a diverse student population is embedded in CCA’s philosophy.

We recognize disability as an aspect of diversity that is integral to society and to the campus community. CCA’s Disability / Access Services collaborates, with students, faculty, staff, and community members to create usable, equitable, inclusive, and sustainable learning environments. Students who have a documented disability or chronic medical condition should request academic accommodations by contacting the Office of the Dean of Students at to schedule an intake appointment.

Career Development Office

CCA’s various departments and offices offer opportunities for domestic and international students to gain professional experience while in college. The Career Development Office is here to help students translate their passions into meaningful creative careers and practices. Students can apply to off campus opportunities and engage with employers on Handshake.

Work study jobs are posted on the internal college job board called Workday. Also, learn more about the Work Study Programs at Internal Job Board & Starting to Work.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their educational records:

  • The right to inspect and review their educational records within 45 days of the day CCA receives a request for access
  • The right to request the amendment of educational records that the student believes to be inaccurate or misleading
  • The right to consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in their educational records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent
  • The right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education concerning alleged failures by CCA to comply with the requirements of FERPA

For full details of your rights, see Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act.

ARCH Art Supplies

ARCH Art Supplies, an independent art supply store and a San Francisco fixture since 1978, has been the go-to location for CCA students and faculty to purchase their supplies since they moved to Potrero Hill in 2001. ARCH is located in the retail space in CCA’s Blattner Hall (1490 17th Street), making it easy for CCA students to buy supplies, First Year Core Studio supply kits and class kits, and CCA swag on the go.


In-person: Visit ARCH at their new storefront (1490 17th Street) in Blattner Hall