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Ventilation FAQs

How have you made decisions about HVAC adjustments and ventilation?

CCA's plans for reopening are guided by public health information and guidelines. We are proceeding with caution and care to determine courses of action to create safe work and learning environments while also accommodating the anticipated increased number of students, faculty, and staff returning to campus for in-person instruction.

How do I know that my building HVAC system is working properly?

Campus HVAC systems are checked for operation daily by the Facilities staff.

What about rooms without forced air ventilation?

Not every room at CCA has forced air ventilation. In those spaces, we attempt to increase airflow by opening doors and windows. Depending on the use of the space a portable air purifier or fan may be utilized. If you think a space you are using would benefit from an air purifier or fan please submit a service request.

How often do you change filters on the campus?

Filters are changed, at a minimum, annually or when the filter exceeds the manufacturer’s recommended pressure.

Do our HVAC systems use 100% outside air?

Where possible all campus air handling systems have been adjusted to allow for a maximum amount of fresh air. In some cases this may diminish the effectiveness of heating/cooling. Please be patient with us as we attempt to strike a balance between thermal comfort and fresh air ventilation.

Where have all the sanitization kits gone?

Facilities has placed sani-kits consisting of hand sanitizer, surface disinfectant and paper towels in centrally located locations throughout campus buildings. Materials to re-stock an empty sani-kit are available on a self-serve basis, and can be obtained by visiting the nearest Public Safety desk. If your program needs specific support please submit a service request.

Can I request an air purifier or an additional fan?

Facilities maintains a modest inventory of air purifiers and fans. Air purifiers and fans are deployed on a case-by-case basis. In some cases equipment may be deployed permanently or used temporarily. To request an air purifier or fan please submit a service request.

How often are cleaning services performed?

High-touch surfaces across both campuses are cleaned daily. Offices are cleaned twice per week. Classrooms, restrooms, and public areas are cleaned daily Monday–Friday. All campus spaces have been cleaned prior to return to campus.

What types of cleaning supplies and equipment does the campus use?

All chemicals have been reviewed by the Facilities department to ensure compliance with CDC recommendations for disinfecting as well as sustainability compliance as required by the CCA community. You can find detailed information on the surface disinfectant being used here.