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Last updated on Jan 06, 2022

The Teaching Lab facilitates faculty development to support teaching so that students are able to meet the course learning outcomes for their classes. In this section, find resources and support for teaching online, upcoming teaching labs events, information about faculty access to campus, and other resources and information from Academic Affairs.

Campus Access for Audio/Video Recording

A number of rooms on both campuses are available and equipped for recording audio and video content for online classes, which is considered essential work. Faculty who wish to come to campus to record content are required to make reservations in advance. By scheduling in advance, you will be helping to ensure minimal exposure to others during this visit, as well as the maximal opportunity for facilities operations staff to keep these spaces clean. Find out more about access times and procedures, which rooms are available, and how to reserve one.

To reserve an audio/video recording kit for filming at home, please visit CCA Media Center's Web Checkout or contact

Hybrid Teaching

For fall 2021, all of CCA’s classes will be either hybrid or fully online. Hybrid classes include both in-person, on-campus instruction and online instruction (more detailed definitions are available here). The in-person, on-campus days and times for each class are listed in the course schedule. The remainder of the expected class time will be delivered asynchronously online. Students enrolled in hybrid classes are expected to attend the in-person, on-campus sessions just as they normally would for a fully on-campus course. Students who are not able to attend in-person classes should enroll only in fully online classes. For more resources on hybrid teaching pedagogy please visit the Teaching Lab pages in Portal.

Teaching Online

The Teaching Lab has put together a toolkit to help faculty navigate the extensive array of resources we have developed and compiled for preparing to teach online and in a hybrid format. With students and faculty connecting from across the globe to our systems and services, the toolkit also includes information on what the Library offers in terms of technological platforms and a guide on the global availability of teaching and learning tools.

Teaching Lab

In addition to maintaining the toolkit, the Teaching Lab conducts workshops and provides other resources to support faculty with online teaching. Technology Services, Instructional Services and the Library, and the Teaching Lab team will be hosting all workshops via Zoom to reduce trips to campus. The Teaching Lab Portal page has more information, and also shows you know which events are happening every day.

Events That Invite Members of the Public or Guests to Campus

Some events that invite members of the public or guests to campus will be allowed, with limitations, after October 15 and individual outside guests can attend classes.

Events that include members of the public or visits from guests require advance approval. The campus has not fully reopened to the public, and any individuals who are not members of the campus community must be invited, and must be fully vaccinated. Members of the public or guests who visit CCA’s campus are required to follow the same protocols as members of the CCA community.

To request approval for an event that invites members of the public or guests to campus, please complete this form.

For more information about inviting members of the public to campus, please visit this page.

Workplace Guidelines & Wellness Resources

Please visit the Workplace Guidelines During COVID–19 Closure Portal page for information on key policies for our remote work environment, updated paid leave policies, and tips and resources for staying connected while working apart.

  • To report a concern regarding a CCA student, please submit a CCA Cares form.
  • To report other concerns or questions, contact Human Resources at

Update your personal and emergency information in Workday, and be sure you are signed up to receive emergency alerts through our Rave system. All students, faculty, and staff who will be on campus in fall 2021 are required to be vaccinated by September 1. To update your vaccination status, please log into Workday and follow these instructions.

CCA’s Employee Assistance Program is available to eligible employees at 800-834-3773 or for help with feelings of stress or anxiety.

Health & Safety Guidelines

Please continue to follow and comply with these guidelines when you are physically on campus, and reach out to HR at with any questions.

Thank you for supporting our culture of care!

If You Have a Positive Test, Symptoms, or Are Exposed to COVID-19

If you are sick, stay home! If you have a positive test, are showing symptoms, or have had close contact with someone who is positive for COVID-19 (defined as being within 6 feet of an infected person for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period), you should follow the steps outlined here.

  • Faculty and staff who have tested positive, show symptoms, or who have been exposed to COVID-19 and who have been on campus in the 48 hours previous to these should notify immediately.
  • Faculty and staff who have not been on campus in the last 48 hours prior to their positive test, symptoms, or close contact do not need to notify CCA, but you should take appropriate precautions.

CCA is responsible for initiating the contact tracing process and will work with any sick students, faculty, or staff, along with public health officials, to identify and contact individuals who may have been exposed. Please reach out to your healthcare provider directly if you have any concerns about your health or your symptoms worsen.