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Change of Personal Information

Last updated on Dec 05, 2022

Address Change

All students should update their address in Workday whenever they have an address change. Update Your Address Information

Since it is possible to have several addresses on file, students entering address change information should be careful to indicate which address should be changed and to verify all addresses on file are accurate.

Change of Legal Name

Students who change their legal name can enter this information in Workday, initiating a request for a formal change in the name used on a student's official records. Students must provide legal documentation of their new name; a valid driver's license, state ID, or passport bearing the new name are acceptable documentation. Update Your Legal Name

For current students, a legal name change request provides authorization for the new name to be entered on the permanent record, including any subsequent data.

CCA will not accept a formal name change request once the student has graduated or otherwise discontinued enrollment. If there are special circumstances involved in the request for a name change, please contact the Registrar.

Change of Chosen or Preferred Name

Students can enter or change their chosen/preferred name in Workday at any time. Preferred name displays on class rosters. Update Your Preferred Name

Note: CCA uses legal names only for external reporting.