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Student Teams

Last updated on Aug 11, 2022

The Office of Student Life supports and collaborates with the following student teams. Each group plays an essential role in creating a more vibrant campus environment.

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

The Campus Activities Board is a student-run group responsible for planning and coordinating on-campus activities. Activities include the annual Chimerapalooza! community fair and festival, campus-wide lunches, self-care tables and many more! Be sure to check the Office of Student Life Events Calendar.

Don't forget to also check out other departments and programs' events by visiting CCA Events & Exhibition Calendar.

Graduate Student Alliance (GSA)

The Graduate Student Alliance (GSA) is the graduate student governing body that was founded to connect graduate students from all programs at CCA. Our mission is to champion all graduate students and create opportunities for community, cross-pollination and collaboration.

Learn more about Graduate Student Alliance.

Orientation Leaders (OL)

Orientation leaders (OL) play an integral role in helping students transition to college life. They introduce new students to the campus and guide them through myriad academic, social, and artistic opportunities offered at CCA. They serve as positive role models for new students, offering friendly assistance and answering questions from students and parent alike.

Learn more about New Student Orientation.

Social Media Ambassadors

Social Media Ambassadors is a student team responsible for engaging the community and sharing life at CCA online. They attend a number of on-campus on-campus and creating mobile first designs. Be sure to follow them online by liking the CCA Student Life Facebook Page, CCA Student Life Instagram, and searching for them by typing in the hashtag #chimeraMADE.

Sophomore Advisory Group (SAG)

The Sophomore Advisory Group is composed of first year students and sophomores who create and coordinate Sophomore Summit. Sophomore Summit is a special tradition that has been crafted to prepare students for the second year at CCA.

Learn more about Sophomore Summit.

Student Council

Student Council is the undergraduate student governing body whose mission is to bridge communities through events and initiatives, advocate on behalf of the student community, and mentor students to be successful creative citizens.

Learn more about Student Council.

Student Design Lab

Student Design Lab is a student team responsible for designing marketing and outreach material for the Office of Student Life. They produce a variety of print material from the uniquely designed campus planner, posters for campus-wide events and traditions to marketing campaigns.