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Spring 2023 Department Reorganizations

Last updated on May 22, 2023

CCA’s staff is essential to how we deliver on our mission as a college, and the recent staffing reductions directly impact our people and our entire community. The college has had to take a more creative and integrated approach to identify ways to achieve the staff salary savings required to balance our budget moving forward. Decisions around reductions and organizational structures have been finalized but collaboration with managers and teams around priorities, job descriptions and positions is critical to ensure effectiveness and long-term success.

The below manager sessions are intended to provide details around departmental changes and priorities. You can expect to learn about:

  • New and past organizational structures
  • Eliminated positions within a department
  • Department mission and updated priorities
  • Changes to how we do work and how departments collaborate with each other
  • Adjustments to the work itself, to ensure appropriate workloads

Please feel free to reach out to divisional leadership directly with questions or The session recordings will be available for the next 30 days.

Manager Session #1: Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Enrollment Management & Auxiliary Services

Session Recording (1 hour 9 minutes). Please note that we had a delay in capturing the first 5 minutes of the session.

Slide Deck

Manager Session #2: Marketing & Communications, Advancement, Business Services/Finance, Human Resources

Session Recording (58 minutes)

Slide Deck

Manager Session #3: Technology Services, Facilities/Operations/Public Safety, Instructional Services

Session Recording (49 minutes)

Slide Deck