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Recent Workday Features and Upgrades

Learn about some recent changes to Workday's look and functionality, including improvements to search and the introduction of a new chatbot and knowledge base!

Workday Today

This is a redesigned homepage that surfaces the relevant tasks, applications, announcements, information and recommendations - personalized to you. You’ll now find:

  • Suggested Tasks: Driven by machine learning based on the tasks that you perform in your day to day in Workday.
  • Most Used Apps: This will update as you use the new homepage, surfacing your most frequent apps to the top. You can always drill in to View All Apps.
  • Cards (“For You”): Cards are dynamic content that appear on the homepage at certain points of time relevant to you. Some of the cards you’ll see include: Upcoming Time Off, Unsubmitted or Unapproved Time Sheets, Recent Payslip, Upcoming Birthdays (for employees you manage). In the near future, we will see more cards, like reminders for Unsubmitted Time and Unapproved Time.

Enhanced Search

If you rely on search in Workday to access information and tasks, check out the enhanced search interface. We hope you’ll find it easier to quickly find what you are looking for.

Knowledge Base

Workday's knowledge base allows you to access guidance on a variety of Workday processes directly in Workday.

To view a knowledge base article, simply enter in a keyword(s) in Workday search, such as "assistance" or "time off." Any relevant knowledge base articles will pop up in your results. You can even filter by the Knowledge Base search category.

Many staff guides, including time tracking, time off, payroll, hiring, and general Workday guidance, can now be found in the Workday knowledge base. More guides are coming soon!

Workday Assistant

One of the most interesting new features is Workday Assistant, a chatbot that can help you complete common tasks, answer questions, and navigate around Workday. This is very new technology, and it only supports limited tasks, but we’re excited about the potential.

To learn more about Workday Assistant and what it can do now, login to Workday and search for “assistant”. You’ll find a Knowledge Base article “Introducing Workday Assistant” that gives you more detailed information. Or, just open the little blue “W” icon in the lower right corner and ask “What can you do?”

Questions? Problems?

If for some reason you do NOT see the new features or run into any problems, please email and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.