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campus sundial, 1929

Artifacts / Art Objects Subcommittee

The OCLC Artifacts/Art Objects Subcommittee has worked to identify, locate, and document artifacts and art objects located on the CCA Oakland campus grounds. OCLC chair Deborah Valoma and CCA Library Technician and Archives Curator Jennine Scarboro assembled a list of historically and aesthetically significant objects. Their research is culled from conversations with knowledgeable individuals and libraries records, including school catalogues, publications, and historical photographs, and their report recommends appropriate relocation to the new San Francisco campus or possible continued location on the Oakland site.

Sundial designed and made by Nellie L. Fischer

In the list of twenty-eight objects, a cast cement sundial with tile inlay designed and made by Nellie L. Fischer in 1922 is one of the oldest objects. The earliest extant photograph of the object shows it on or near its currently location west of Meyer Library in 1929. The sundial originally had a metal dial and inlaid tiles designed and made by students that read: “Gift of Class 1922.”

The Artifacts/Art Objects Subcommittee is lead by Deborah Valoma and members include Jennine Scarboro, Kari Marboe, and Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo.


Deborah Valoma

Professor, Textiles & Graduate Fine Arts

OCLC Chair, Artifacts/Art Objects Subcommittee Lead

Photo credit:

Sundial, Sept. 6 1929

1925-1926 CSAC Catalog, pg. 37