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Decolonial School

The Decolonial School is an interdisciplinary cohort of CCA faculty committed to building a new curricular model for art and design education that foregrounds Indigenous practices and acknowledges decolonization as a continuous process.

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Who We Are

Learn more about Decolonial School's faculty leaders.

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Groundwork Research Documents + Presentations

Foundational scholarship, presentations, and documents to get you started.

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Faculty Questions, Strategies, + Steps to Get Started

Resources for faculty to get started with decolonization, including questions to ask before you begin, useful strategies to adopt, and concrete steps you can take.

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Decolonial School Resources

Suggested readings and other media for anyone hoping to learn more about decolonizing academia and decolonial praxis more generally.

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Community Sessions

These sessions are for folks to come together and engage in dialogue with students while addressing specific components of CCA’s curricula.

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Join Us

During the academic year 2020-2021, the Decolonial School Curriculum Development Initiative will evolve in the form of three paths.

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