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What Diversity Studies Studios are being offered next semester? How many sections of Design Drawing are usually offered?

Find out by searching the Course Catalog!

Academic Programs

Find out more about all of our Academic Programs here.


CCA’s studios and making spaces are a collection of shared resources that support all departments, programs, and students.

Academic Advising

Academic advisors partner with students to develop and achieve their creative, academic, personal, and professional goals.

Learning Resources

Everyone learns differently. The Learning Resources team helps students connect to the people, tools, and techniques that can help them learn best.

Career Development

The college's Career Development Team empowers CCA students and alumni with the tools and skills needed to launch and grow their creative careers.

Special Programs

Widen your horizons!

Special Programs offers CCA Extension, Summer Study Abroad, programs for youth -Young Artist Studio Program for middle schoolers, Summer Atelier and Pre-College for high school students. Plus, Summer Start for international students.

Academic Technology

Academic Technology supports academic software and computing, media services, 2D output services, and classroom AV at CCA.


CCA Libraries are a collection of physical & digital objects, spaces and services designed to enrich our community by fostering serendipitous discovery and providing access to materials, resources and teaching and learning support.