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Emergency Response

Last updated on Apr 09, 2021

Calling 911 vs. Calling Public Safety:

This information has been prepared to provide you with a quick reference guide that can be used in preparation for an emergency on campus. We encourage you to review and become familiar with this guide before an emergency occurs. People are most effective in an emergency when they are PREPARED.

This document cannot cover every emergency that may arise. If you are unsure of what you need to do in your building, please ask a member of your Building Emergency Response Team (BERT) or contact the Public Safety (415) 705-9510. Become familiar with your building’s specific emergency guidelines, procedures and evacuation exits.

When to Call 911:


What is an Emergency?

An emergency is any immediate threat to life and/or property that requires immediate response from Police, Fire or Emergency Medical Services. Some examples of emergencies are violent crimes in progress, any kind of fire, or a serious injury or illness. If you are not sure if an incident falls into an emergency classification, call 911 when an immediate response is needed.

When Reporting an Emergency:

  • Stay on the line with the dispatcher.
  • Provide the address, location and a description of the emergency/incident.
  • Provide the phone number from which you are calling.
  • Provide a thorough description of the incident to assure appropriate resources are dispatched.

Cell Phones:

If you are calling 911 from a cell phone, there are a couple of things to remember.

  • San Francisco: If you dial 911 from your cell phone in the city of San Francisco, your call will more than likely be picked up by SFPD dispatch. see SF Calling 911 via Cell Phone
  • Oakland: If you are calling 911 from your cell phone in Oakland, your call will be routed to the CHP communications center in Vallejo. You should program your phone to call 510-777-3211. see Oakland calling 911 via Cell Phone

When to Call CCA Public Safety:

  • To report a crime in progress or suspicious activity before, during, or after the fact.
  • When you need an escort.
  • When you need an identification card or replacement.
  • To locate or turn in lost and found property.
  • When an emergency response is required.
  • To report incidents involving injuries or suspected criminal activities.

Non-Emergency Phone Numbers:

The following numbers are provided for non-emergency situations. Use of these numbers will still provide a prompt response.

CCA Public Safety:

  • CCA Public Safety : 415-703-9510
  • Oakland Public Safety Patrol/After Hours Cell: 510-385-1821
  • SF Public Safety Patrol/After Hours Cell: 415-726-2061
  • Dogpatch Studios Public Safety Patrol Cell: 415-369-7428 (11p-7a)
  • CCA Facilities 415-551-9300

Other Local Agencies:

  • SFPD Non-Emergency: 415-553-0123
  • Oakland PD Non-Emergency: 510-777-3333
  • SF Fire Non-Emergency: 415-338-1449
  • Oakland FD Non-Emergency: 510-444-3322
  • Poison Control: 800-222-1222
  • PG&E: 800-743-5000

Safe & Well Registry

After a disaster, letting your family and friends know that you are safe and well can bring your loved ones great peace of mind. The American Red Cross Safe and Well Registry is designed to help make that communication easier. There, you can:

Register Yourself as “Safe and Well”

Click on the “List Myself as Safe and Well” button to register yourself on the site.

Search for Loved Ones

Concerned family and friends can search the list of those who have registered themselves as “safe and well” by clicking on the “Search Registrants” button. The results of a successful search will display a loved one’s first name, last name, and a brief message.