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Student Handbook

The Student Handbook serves as a guide to the programs, policies, procedures, requirements, and resources of CCA. Students are advised to read the entire handbook. The handbook is to be used in conjunction with the college catalog.

Students enrolled at CCA belong to an educational community dedicated to the advancement of learning and professionalism. As a community of individuals, the college must establish standards of acceptable behavior and prohibitions of unacceptable behavior. These standards have been established to help create an educational environment that is conducive to safety and to individual welfare, creativity, and education.

Each student is responsible for adhering to CCA's regulations, policies, and procedures, both as published in the Student Handbook and as otherwise announced by the college.

Because of the flexibility that institutions of higher education must have to respond to external changes, the environment, tuition, student fees, courses and course contents, curricular requirements, and other matters referenced or set forth in this document or otherwise related to students, all policies are subject to change at the discretion of the college at any time, during or after registration, and with or without notice or written confirmation.

The Student Handbook is not a contract with each student. Only the president of the college can provide the final interpretation of the contents of the handbook and definite determination of its appropriate application to the particular circumstances of any individual matter.


Use the CCA Cares Report form to report incidents and make referrals for violations of misconduct.