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CAPL Connects

Last updated on Oct 11, 2022

CAPL Connects is Now Hiring! Check out the job listing CAPL Connects Fellow on Workday.

CAPL Connects is a paid fellowship program and student-led activism coalition that embraces the diverse and unique voices of the CCA student body.

Weekly meetings are held to encourage discussions about current events and injustices. After the students have engaged, listened, and learned from one another they set out to create artwork/content to share on social media. This year we are partnering with local non profits to take action for Social Justice. CAPL Connects Fellows grow with the knowledge and experience gained in the program and become engaged Art and Design Activists.

This opportunity is open to undergraduate and graduate students across all disciplines.

Please follow us on Instagram @CCA.CAPLConnects

CAPL Connects Site Criteria

Sites are selected according to how their application fits the criteria described below.

Social Impact

Site must have a clearly defined mission of action for communities affected by systemic inequities. Site must identify how their work impacts their intended communities.

Creative Opportunities

Site must provide a specific role for a Fellow that allows them to apply their art and design skills. The role must use the skills of the student’s discipline.

Community Engagement

Site must provide a specific project where a component of their work involves direct engagement with the community served.

Leadership Development

Site must provide opportunities for the Fellow to strengthen and apply their leadership skills by spearheading at least one project per semester.


Site must have the capacity to provide the Fellow with mentorship, networking opportunities, and resources in order to successfully carry out the fellowship responsibilities.

2022-2023 Team


2021 -2022 Team

Katayoun Bahrami

Alia Moussa

Gordon Fung

Anahat Rawal

Kaeli McLeod

MC Payen

Enya Fontanills