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Diversity + Inclusion Task Force

The Diversity and Inclusion Task Force (DITF) was established by the President’s Diversity Steering Group as the action arm for the PDSG. DITF core members are the Vice President for Human Resources, the Assistant Dean of Students and the Associate Provost for Faculty and Academic Partnerships. The DITF is supported by the Special Assistant & Board Liaison and the Director of Institutional Effectiveness.

The charge of the DITF is to develop and implement activities that foster a community-wide understanding of diversity and inclusion, and support ongoing growth towards cultural competence, including cultural literacy and cultural fluency across all aspects of the college.

The work is ongoing and evolving. Some of the accomplishments of the DITF include:

  • Select and implement the DiversityEdu training for all faculty, staff and students
  • Implement the Oregon State University “search advocate” training for mitigating bias in the hiring process for ranked faculty searches
  • Develop and offer workshops for faculty and staff to continue the conversations initiated through DiversityEdu
  • Revise and update the Cultural Competence Commitments + Goals