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RAVE: Emergency Notification System

Rave is the campus wide emergency response network that quickly informs the community about any situation that poses a threat to safety. In the event of a campus emergency, email alerts will be automatically sent to all CCA email addresses. Students must opt in to have additional alerts sent to cell phones, landlines, or alternate email addresses.


Students may easily update CCA emergency contact information and Rave alert preferences online through WebAdvisor by following these steps:

1) Log into your WebAdvisor account.

2) Select “Emergency Contacts” located in the “User Account” section.

3) In the "Personal Emergency Alert Preferences" section, be sure to designate a cell phone number, cell phone provider, home phone number, and alternative email address.

4) In the "Emergency Contacts" section, be sure to designate the person or persons CCA staff would be authorized to contact in case of an emergency.

  • International Students are strongly encouraged to include at least one contact person in the U.S. if possible.

*Please note: Students are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to opt in (by checking the corresponding boxes) to receive SMS or voice alerts. Email alerts are automatically sent to all CCA email address.

Notifications will only be sent for emergency communications.

Annual/semi-annual tests are conducted to ensure the system is working.

You will not receive regular college updates via Rave.


  1. Log in to your account in Workday (
  2. From your home screen, click on the Personal Information “Worklet.”
  3. Click Contact Information.
  4. Click Edit at the top of your Contact Information page.
  5. Under Change Home Contact Information, Staff and Faculty are strongly encouraged to:
    1. Provide a (text capable) mobile phone number
    2. Enter a Secondary Email Address
  6. Click Submit to save your changes.

**CCA will notify you in the event of a campus emergency/disaster/evacuation etc…**

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