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Wireless Network

Last updated on Jul 12, 2019

Wireless networking enables properly equipped computers to connect to CCA's network. A properly installed card in your computer can transmit and receive information from a number of wireless access points located on both campuses.

Wireless Access Points


  • Webster Hall
  • Irwin Hall
  • Macky Hall
  • the lounge areas of Clifton Hall
  • Nahl Lecture Hall
  • Meyer Library
  • The CafĂ©
  • The Carriage House

San Francisco:

  • Main building
  • Simpson Library
  • Timken Lecture Hall
  • East One
  • A2 Cafe
  • the board room

Supported Wifi Standards

CCA's campuses and residences offer WiFi using the 802.11n standard* (WiFi 4) and later. Older WiFi standards are also available in most locations but connectivity and performance may be limited or not work at all.

We're sorry for the inconvenience. If you have trouble connecting to the CCA network, please contact for assistance.

*802.11n was released in 2009 and most devices manufactured since 2014 support this standard.