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Wagtail Workflows

Last updated on Jul 21, 2022

What are workflows?

Workflows are approval chains for content in Wagtail CMS. For pages with many collaborators, workflows can help regulate the publication process so that everyone who needs to weigh in on edits is looped in.

Workflows can be customized to best support specific teams and/or content.

Workflow demo video

The video below demos three possible workflows that we can set up in Wagtail.

In addition to the workflow process itself, we highlight several other relevant Wagtail features, such as in-line commenting and page history, which may also be useful for collaborators and approvers.

Workflows for policy content

We'll be piloting Wagtail's new workflow functionality with CCA's policy library, set for release this fall.

If you're a policy steward or contributor, we encourage you and your fellow collaborators to map out your ideal content approval workflows, which you can send along to our team to build for you!