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CCA Portal

March 2020

Last updated on Mar 26, 2020

MARCH 26, 2020

In support of CCA Remote Life, the following development was released:

FEATURE: Portal Profile – Add Local Time

Added feature to the Portal profile, whereby a user can add a timezone that displays their local time on their profile.

The feature was designed as such:

  • The user selects a timezone when in the profile editor
  • On the profile, it displays their local date and time.
  • In the login drop–down menu, the local date and time display for the logged-in user.

FEATURE: Student Portal Profile – Add Workday Primary Home Email 

On their Portal profile, students will be able to add their primary home email from Workday as an alternative way to contact them.

FIX: Course Section Page Syllabi use Google URLs

Development to fix that Google URLs are associated with syllabus pdfs, which could be blocked in countries with Google access restrictions. The fix also resolved the issue for all images and documents uploaded to the Portal.

MARCH 20, 2020

FIX: Upload Syllabus – Updated Date

The bug was resolved where replacing the syllabus did not change the accompanying help text: “last updated by [instructor] on [date]” 

The problem is resolved for all syllabi replaced after the software fix was released. The fix is not retroactive. It will not resolve where an incorrect ‘last updated’ date shows for syllabi uploaded before 3/20/20

Be assured that it's been confirmed that: 

  • the syllabus is replaced, so students will have the most updated copy
  • the syllabus is sent to Vault, so the most updated copy will be archived 

FIX: Course Section Description 

Resolved bug where the course description was displayed on course section views, which at times resulted in duplicate course section descriptions.