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CCA Portal

November 2017

Last updated on Jan 16, 2020

9 November 2017

This long-awaited release makes the Planner much more useful for CCA students. Now they are able to plan their schedule in the Planner, and send their Planner data to WebAdvisor to complete the registration process.

Graduate student applications now require documents to be uploaded as PDF files, so that admissions staff can more easily review them.

As always, a healthy handful of bugfixes and style improvements were added along the way.


Course Planner

  • Allow students to push the courses from their Portal Planner to their “Preferred Sections” (aka, “Shopping List”) in WebAdvisor.
  • Added reminder for students to update their emergency and local contact information in WebAdvisor if required before pushing their Planner data to WebAdvisor.


  • Fixed bug that showed the wrong date for a course


  • Cleaned up out-of-date student accounts, and created a new group for users who did not graduate, but are still considered “Alumni”

Student Application

  • or graduate applicants, only accept .PDF files to facilitate review by program staff
  • Utilizing the new “Gender Identity” field in Workday for student applications