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CCA Portal

December 2017

Last updated on Jan 16, 2020

19 December 2017

Last week the Portal team, working with Operations, launched the Transportation section, bringing together information about carpooling, car share, transit, parking, bikes, shuttles, and other ways of getting around.

Transportation can be found under the new Campus tab along with Shops and Campus Planning.

Expect that the organization and navigation in the Portal will change and evolve a number of times over the next 6 months as new content and functionality is added.

All major features and fixes for the last few weeks:


  • Added the Transportation section covering all the ways to get to and from the San Francisco and Oakland campuses – including a few you may not have heard about! Highlights include:
    • Transit updates from the Twitter feed
    • Updated CCA Shuttle schedule and information about the new Mission Bay Shuttle to BART and Panoramic
    • Commuter benefits – pay for your transportation with pre-tax dollars!
    • Testimonials from students, staff, and faculty– learn how the community gets around.
  • Removed the List View. The old list view didn’t seem to add any real value now that we have excellent search. Removing the option simplifies the UI.

Course Catalog & Planner

  • Better indication of which courses are cancelled or closed in the course catalog.
  • Indication of which course you’ve already registered for in the section pop-up.
  • Added explanation for inaccurate availability count for cross-listed courses.
  • Removed the List View.
  • The instructor quickview now displays courses both for the current term and the next registering term once the catalog for that term has been released.
  • Fixed numerous printing issues in the planner and course catalog.
  • Reduced extra horizontal scrolling on mobile.


  • Fixed a bug where new users couldn’t edit their profile.