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Create and Manage Contractors or Temp Agency Employees in Workday

Last updated on Mar 27, 2024

Before you begin

In order to manage Contingent Employees/Contractors in Workday, a specific security role must be assigned to you. In order to request access to manage Contingent Employees/Contractors in Workday, please submit a request to

Your access will be granted to a specific “Contingent Employees” supervisory org in your division in Workday. The general model is to set up one supervisory org within each division into which all Contingent Employees/Contractors for that division will be contracted. There can be multiple managers of Contingent Employees/Contractors in each supervisory org.


Contingent Employees/Contractors are people who are not CCA employees or students, and need to be given some level of access to CCA systems or campus spaces. There are 3 primary categories of Contingent Employees/Contractors:

  1. Temp Agency Employee
    These people are paid through a contract with a staffing agency, and are generally contracted to fill an open position on a temporary basis. They generally need a CCA Gmail, Calendar and Drive access, as well as access to systems such as Workday to perform their job duties.
  2. Consultant/Contractor
    These people are contracted to perform some function for CCA, such as technical work on a system. Their services are contracted through a vendor, and their access needs vary depending upon the work they are performing.
  3. Visiting Faculty
    These people are assigned to teach courses at CCA, but are not paid as a CCA employee. They generally need access to login to Moodle and other systems, as well as view their roster and course information in the Portal and Workday.

By using Workday to manage Contingent Employees/Contractors, we can more effectively provide necessary access, as well as keep track of when that access should end. A CCA employee is required to “sponsor” any Contingent Employee/Contractor, and is responsible for ending their access when it is no longer needed.

In all cases, Contingent Employees/Contractors are required to agree to the Data Security and Confidentiality Agreement prior to receiving access to information systems at CCA. The newly contracted Contingent Employee/Contractor will be required to review and e-sign this document in Workday.

They may also require an ID card generated by Public Safety in order to access spaces on campus. Once they have been created in Workday, they can visit the Public Safety office to obtain an ID.

Contract a Contingent Employee/Contractor

1 Initiate the hire

Search for the supervisory organization to which you have been granted the Contingent Manager role, e.g. “Technology Services Contingent Employees”.

Using related actions from the supervisory org name, choose Hire > Contract Contingent Worker

2 Search for an existing person or create a new person

To ensure duplicates are not created, use the search tool first. Be sure to check spelling, or use partial names for a wider search. This search will return all former employees, students and former students, as well as former contingent workers.

If an existing person is found, select that person, then select Start Contract.

Otherwise, select Create New Pre-Hire. Provide as much contact information as possible -- in particular their Primary Home or Work Email Address, so they can receive email instructions for next steps.

3 Complete the Contract Contingent Worker form

On the next page, complete the Contract Contingent Worker form, noting these requirements:

Contract Start Date: The date when access is first needed.

Contingent Worker Type: Select “Within Guidelines” and choose one of these options:

  • Temporary Agency Staff
  • Temporary System/Campus Access

Job Profile: Select “Within Guidelines”, and choose the Job Profile that corresponds with the Contingent Worker Type select above.

Time Type: Typically Part Time, but in the case of an External Temp, may be full time.

Location: San Francisco (even if they are working remotely)

Contract Details: Provide a Contract End Date. This date will be used to automatically inactivate the contingent worker and end the requested access. You will be notified when this date is approaching, and have the opportunity to change this date if extended access is needed.

4 Edit Additional Data

On the next screen, this form is used to provide details about the access you are requesting for this person. Review the instructions at the top of this page, and complete all relevant fields.

5 Next Steps

Once you submit the Additional Data form, your request will route for approval by HR or Tech Services, depending on the Worker Type.

Once the request has been approved, you and the contingent worker will receive an email outlining next steps. If a CCA account was requested, a Help Desk ticket will automatically be submitted to create their CCA single sign-on account. If an ID card was requested, Public Safety will be notified by email.

View Contingent Employees/Contractors

You can view a list of active Contingent Employees/Contractors for which your division is responsible at any time.

  • Search for the supervisory organization to which you have the Contingent Manager role, e.g. “Technology Services Contingent Employees”
  • A list of active Contingent Employees/Contractors will be displayed

Manage Contract End Dates for Active Contingent Employees/Contractors

A Contract End Date is required for all contingent employees/contractors. You can view a report of contingent employees/contractors that you manage by searching for and running this report in Workday: Contingent Employees with Upcoming Contract End Dates (adjust the Contract End Date if needed).

You will receive an email notification two weeks before the Contract End Date for any contingent employee in the supervisory organizations that you manage. If you need to extend the Contract End Date for a contingent employee that you manage, you can do so by:

  • Navigate to the Contingent Employee's profile in Workday
  • Under Job Details, access the related actions next to the Job (e.g "Temp System/Campus Access")
  • Select Job > Edit Job
  • Enter today as the Effective Date
  • Under Contract Details, enter a new End Date
  • Submit

End Contract for a Contingent Employee/Contractor

1 Initiate the End Contingent Worker Contract task

Contingent employees/contractors will automatically be inactivated, and their access terminated, on the day after their Contract End Date. You can also choose to end it manually prior to that date. To do so, search for the contingent employee/contractor by name, or view them in your contingent employees supervisory organization.

Using related actions from the employee/contractor's name, choose Job Change > End Contingent Worker Contract.

2 Enter Contract End Date

Enter the date when their active status should end. On this date, their access will be disabled.

3 Complete the Technology Termination Questionnaire

In your Workday inbox, you should find a task to complete a questionnaire regarding terminating this contingent employee/contractor's system access. Please complete this questionnaire promptly, so that Help Desk can appropriately handle system access changes.