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View and Manage Your Tax Documents

Last updated on May 10, 2022

Before you begin

Your year-end tax documents are viewable from Workday, and you may choose whether to receive paper copies of these documents in addition to the electronic ones accessible in Workday by default.

View or print your tax documents

1 Run the 'My Tax Documents' report

Click here to run the 'My Tax Documents' report.

You can also find this report within the Pay worklet or by typing 'my tax documents' into Workday search.

My Tax Documents report in Workday typeahead search

2 Browse available tax documents

The available documents will be listed in a table by year and by tax form (e.g., W-2).

3 Generate a PDF of your tax document

Select 'View/Print' to generate a printable PDF of a particular tax document.

View/Print button for tax document

4 View, print, or download your PDF

The newly-generated PDF will display as a modal overlay on your screen, where you can view detailed form information.

You can download or print the file from here as well, or click outside of the modal to exit.

Download and Print options for PDF document

5 Access your PDF tax document(s) later

After you exit the PDF modal view, the PDF link can still be accessed from your Notifications or from 'My Reports.'

Select your tax document delivery option

Choose whether to go paperless or receive a paper copy of your tax document(s).

1 Review your current tax document printing elections

View your current printing elections from the 'My Tax Documents' report.

2 Select 'Edit'

The 'Edit' button appears within the Tax Forms Printing Elections table.

Edit button

3 Under 'New Election,' choose whether to receive paper copies of your tax documents

Make sure to read any instructions and information on this page carefully.

New Election radio button selection

If you choose to receive paper copies, the documents will be delivered by mail to your primary home address on file.

4 Save changes

Click 'OK' to save changes, then 'Done' to exit the summary screen.