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B.Arch Junior Review

What is the Junior Review?

The B.Arch Junior Review is a presentation and discussion between students and the Architecture faculty that is required of all B.Arch students nearing the end of their core studio sequence. It is an opportunity to summarize and reflect on the work each student has done thus far. It is also a chance for students to discuss their strengths and weaknesses with faculty and develop plans and strategies for moving forward successfully. A small team of faculty will listen to each presentation, review the portfolio, discuss the work and trajectory presented, and provide written feedback to each student.

When does the Junior Review take place?

The B.Arch Junior Review takes concurrently with the M.Arch Mid-Program Review. The Reviews are typically scheduled for the first week of the Spring semester in the San Francisco campus Nave.

What are the Junior Review requirements?

  • Students are broken into groups of 3 or 4 students and assigned 2 faculty reviewers.
  • All students will print work on 11x17 sheets, using a provided template.
    • The template provides dedicated space for student name and the courses they are presenting work from.
      • The layout of each page is otherwise up to the student. Students should consider each page a portfolio page and carefully curate and place their work on each sheet.
    • How many pages students dedicate to each course (focusing on studios, but also including Materials & Methods, DM, or Electives) is also up to the individual. As a start, students might want to reserve 3-4 sheets for each studio.
  • All students will also give a verbal presentation, based on a selection of their printed sheets. The selections will be projected on the monitors provided.

What happens if I fail my Junior Review?

Students who do not pass the Junior Review may continue in the program but will be given constructive feedback to help them prepare for their 4th and 5th year Advanced Studios and related courses.