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MURAL - Students

Last updated on Oct 06, 2022

What is it?

Mural for Education is a browser-based web application that provides a digital workspace for students to express their creativity and innovate with others from anywhere. Mural is a versatile learning tool that you can use when working independently or with peers on projects, organizing and taking notes, creating study plans, and much more.


Some of the features in Mural include:

  • Reactions, GIFs, private mode, videos, images, icons, and confetti - get work done while you have fun.
  • Supports more productive and engaging brainstorms with ready-to-use templates, timer, and mind-mapping.
  • Facilitate design research & analysis by visualizing and mapping feedback.
  • 300+ templates to jump-start your collaboration session.
  • Live feedback in group projects or giving out live critiques!

How can Mural help you?

With Mural, you can enrich your learning experience while mastering virtual collaboration and facilitation skills to serve you in your future career.

Examples of use

Mural templates created by students for students:

  • Study guide: this template can transform your notes and studying into a collaborative and creative experience.

Getting Started

Student Workspace

CCA's institutional Mural account is organized into different Workspaces. For academic work, these are divided into CCA's four academic divisions. There is also a Student Workspace for individual users and student organizations. Click here to join the student workspace. If you do not already have an account, this link will prompt you to create one. You will be added to divisional workspaces if and when you are invited by an instructor.

Activate your account

The first time you are provided an invitation to use Mural, you will be prompted to create a Mural account using your CCA email address. Once you have an active account, you can create your own Boards or Private Rooms for your creative or academic projects.

If you have not been invited to create an account, you can email or submit a ticket for an invitation link.

Invitation from instructors

Instructors may direct you to a specific Board or to a Private Room designated for your course through an invitation link.