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Ceramics Studios

Hand building - Slip casting - Wheel Throwing

Last updated on Aug 15, 2023

Closed for summer 2023

Fall 2023 Hours:
Bench Room: 8am-midnight Sunday-Saturday
Glaze & Kiln Room: 9am-5pm Monday-Friday

1st Floor
Main Building

Summer 2023: Studio access policy

Ceramic studio summer access is by appointment only and must be cleared by the studio manager 1 week prior to use. This limited access is only available to Ceramics majors and graduate students.

Spring 2023: On-Campus Studio Access

The Ceramic Program studios are open to students who are currently enrolled in a Ceramics class, Ceramics majors, or graduate students. Students must attend a general orientation before using any Ceramics studio space.

For graduate students or upper-division project access, please contact the studio manager. This access will be granted depending on studio capacity. We cannot provide new student access after week 6 of the semester.
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Kiran Sahgal

Ceramics/ Sculpture Studio Manager

About the Ceramics Studios

The CCA Ceramics department interim studios are located on the first floor of 1111 8th st in San Francisco.

The Ceramics General Studio

Located in room A1, this studio is a shared workspace and facilitates beginner and intermediate classes. This room is also available for limited individual projects with approval from the Ceramics Studio manager.


  • ceramics work tables
  • pottery wheels
  • slab roller
  • extruder
  • general clay and non-clay tools

The Ceramics Advanced Studio

Located in room N1, this studio is a shared workspace focused on advanced classes and students. Students may work on projects that are better suited for this space with approval by the Ceramics Studio manager.


  • ceramics work tables
  • slab roller
  • extruder
  • lift carts

The Ceramics Glaze room

Located in N0-A, this is a shared workspace with essentials for for glazing, glaze formulation, and other hazardous-material handling. Students are allowed limited access after attending the studio orientation, but must attend an additional glaze room orientation to use any equipment or materials stored in this room.


  • clay storage
  • glaze material storage
  • spray booth
  • pugmill
  • glazing tables

The Ceramics Kiln room

Located in N0-B, this room houses our electric and gas kilns. Only advanced students are allowed in this room after attending a kiln room information session. Students who have not attended this session, do not have Ceramics Studio manager approval, or are not accompanied by faculty are not allowed in this space.

Equipment in N0-B:

  • Blauuw gas kiln
  • Skutt electric kilns

Specializing in These Materials

  • Ceramic
  • Clay

Tools and Equipment

  • BLAAUW Gas Kiln: State-of-the-art fully automated computerized remote-control kiln
  • 9 computerized electric Skutt kilns of various sizes
  • RIOCH digital ceramic decal printer
  • 3D clay printing area:2 Potterbot clay printers, Bailey MXT25 SS Pugger, and connecting computers
  • 12 brent EX (150-pound capacity) pottery wheels
  • Bailey MXT125T mixer/pugger
  • 2 Cink glaze rinsing stations: self-contained to properly capture and remove hazardous waste
  • Two brent slab rollers
  • North Star and Bailey Extruders
  • Casting molds of various objects, shapes, and sizes



All Ceramic studio spaces are open only to those who have completed a studio orientation with in the current semester.

Orientations will be given during class in the second week of the semester. Any student that misses the in class orientation will be required to attend one of the make up orientations on the 3rd and 4th Wednesdays of the semester.

Individual orientations can be given under certain circumstances, but no orientations will be given after the 6th week of the semester. Contact the Ceramics studio manager for more info.