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Textiles: Dye Lab

Fall and Spring semesters:
Weeks 1-2: 8 am - 12am
Weeks 3-12: 8 am - 4 am
Weeks 13-15: 24-hour access

Closed during Winter and Spring breaks. Summer access is limited and requires special permissions.

Dye Lab
LBLD (Textiles Studios)
Oakland Campus

Textiles majors and all students who are currently registered in the Textiles department have access to the textiles facilities outside of class time.

Graduate students who are experienced in Textiles skills may obtain permissions for access through the studio manager.

Students are restricted to processes they have learned during class and must follow all safety protocols associated with each process.

There is no food allowed in the Dye Lab and Print Studio.

About the Textiles: Dye Lab

The Dye Lab includes a large-scale light exposure table for silk screens as well as gas stoves for use with both chemical and natural dyes, a closed-ventilation system for dye mixing, and a wash-out sink. There is direct-access outside on the adjacent balcony, where students enjoy sweeping views of the Bay Area hills.

Specializing in These Materials

  • Fabric

Tools and Equipment

  • bullet steamer
  • large-vacuum exposure table
  • silk screen wash out station
  • 6 burners
  • 4 sinks