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Sculpture: Plaster & Mold-Making Studio

More than just plaster and molds, we've got an actual skeleton!

Open 7:45am-4am during the school term

Our shops are closed during the winter break until Jan 21 ,2020

Shaklee Building
Oakland Campus

All welcome. Please ensure proper safety gear such as respirators are worn while working.
510 594-3625
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Cassie Kise

Studio Operations Manager -- First Year/Sculpture

About the Sculpture: Plaster & Mold-Making Studio

In the plaster and mold-making studio, students have access to reusable retaining wall pieces (cottle boards) for constructing mold boxes, mixing containers, stir sticks, mold releases, and limited consumable materials such as plaster. Most materials must be purchased by students unless enrolled in a casting class.

Expert advice for mold making and body casting is available to help you with your project (ask for Eric).

A small vac-u-forming machine is available for molding plastic and food-safe materials.

For students interested in modeling from the figure, a set of sculpture easels and an actual skeleton are available.

Limited storage for in-progress molds is available.

Specializing in These Materials

  • Aluminum
  • Ceramic
  • Clay
  • Metal
  • Plaster


Various events in our shops such as orientations, holidays, and demonstrations will be posted in this calendar.