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Academic Success Guides

Last updated on Oct 11, 2021

Academic success guides are a series of handouts and worksheets aimed at helping you navigate college, improve the student experience, and make informed decisions about your future. Use them on their own, together, with your advisors or a mentor.

Apply them to your individual situation and make a student success appointment when you have questions or want to talk through something.

NOTE: To access these materials, you must be logged into your CCA account. If you use Google Chrome, please make sure that the account at the top right of the browser window is that of your CCA email account and not your personal email account. If it is not, select the account listed and "Manage People" to add your CCA Google account.


Sometimes you just need a little guidance to sort through your thoughts so you can feel confident to take your next steps. Use these worksheets in conjunction with academic success guides and with your support network to make informed decisions about your future.