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Supporting & Advocating for Students

Last updated on Aug 20, 2021

How We Support & Advocate for Students

We assist students with a variety of concerns by working directly with them and connecting them to appropriate resources on campus by:

  • Providing direct assistance navigating a difficult situation
  • Aiding in identifying the process(es) for resolving academic and co-curricular concerns
  • Helping empower students to understand CCA systems, explore options, make informed decisions and act on those decisions

We also consult with and serve as a resource for cca faculty, staff, parents, families, and friends working together to serve students.

Our Staff Will...

  • Help students arrange or connect with appropriate medical and/or mental health care
  • Empower students to manage their academic, personal, and fiscal responsibilities
  • Monitor compliance with the Colleges behavioral expectations
  • Meet with and maintain contact with students to address needs
  • Connect students with campus and community resources
  • Educate the CCA Community regarding student support services, policies, and procedures

Beyond Our Reach

  • Providing mental health counseling or medical advice
  • Specific advising related to academics, careers or financial aids
  • Sharing personal student information with parents, faculty, or staff, unless health and safety concerns are present
  • Represent or guide students in matters of criminal or civil litigation
  • Complete College forms on a student’s behalf
  • Provide students with excuse letters for the purpose of missing class