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Recruitment Toolkit: For Hiring Managers and Interviewers

Last updated on Mar 10, 2023

This toolkit is designed to support and guide you through CCA's best practices in recruitment for staff positions. To use this toolkit, reference this page as an overview and use the Recruitment Phases on the right to review details and resources for each step in the recruitment process. Feel free to reach out to your HR lead for further assistance.

Hiring Manager Overview

Thank you for serving as a Hiring Manager! Hiring Managers play an important role in designing, executing, and modeling a selection process that ensures CCA is able to hire top talent.


CCA’s selection process is designed to:

  • Focus the conversation with each candidate on the same competencies
  • Integrate insights from multiple panelists and stakeholders
  • Ensure panelists use a structured process to arrive at objective, data-driven decisions
  • Reduces bias and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Assist in finding the best fit person for the job
  • Promote CCA great total rewards
  • Create a positive candidate experience!

Goals for the Search Process:

  • Enhance the validity of the entire process
  • Enhance equity in the process and the outcomes
  • Support diversity among our faculty and staff

Key Items to keep in mind during the recruiting process:

  • Determine what are the required qualifications necessary for the position and must be met before starting the process.
  • No recruitment process will determine which candidate is 100% best for the job, so be sure to focus on skills and not personal factors.
  • The entire recruitment process should be conducted with the mindset of the position as a whole, and not with an individual candidate in mind. Ask questions that only relate to the position.
  • Document the process and stay consistent. Provide the same interview process for all candidates and maintain documentation of the responses to questions.
  • Try to move through the recruitment process as timely as possible. You don't want to loose a candidate to another offer because of a lengthy process. Keep communication open with candidates and provide them with updates on the process and expected timeline. See Recruitment & Selection Email Templates.

Here's an outline of the process!

Hiring Manager Toolkit

Use the resources on the right to understand the key responsibilities of the Hiring Manager at each phase of the recruitment process.

Recruitment Phase 1:

  • Creating/updating the job description
  • Sourcing for candidates
  • Reviewing applications

Recruitment Phase 2:

  • Conducting phone screens
  • Conducting interviews including developing questions and panelists
  • Collecting candidate ratings

Recruitment Phase 3:

  • Checking references
  • Confirming approval and making an offer!