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Legacy Print Project

Last updated on Oct 07, 2021

This year, as part of our efforts to honor the Oakland campus as CCA moves toward unification, we will be working with alum and faculty emeritus Thomas Wojak to produce an edition of ten prints, each one representing a decade of CCA on the Oakland campus (CCA purchased the Treadwell Estate in 1922 and next year, 2022, marks 100 years on the site). The prints will be featured throughout the year as part of our celebratory programming, and proceeds from the sale of the prints will help fund Oakland Campus Legacy programming and projects.

Each print focuses on notable and important aspects of the college over its one hundred years located on the Oakland Campus with a throughline that highlights the garden nature of the grounds, the significance of craft practices, and the enduring values of the college’s motto “Theory and Practice.” Based on multiple criteria to represent a diverse cross section of the CCA community, we have invited ten current and former CCA faculty artists to design one of the decade prints.



Bob Aufuldish (Graphic Design) 1920s

Curtis Arima (Jewelry Metal Arts) 1930s

Michael Wertz (Illustration) 1940s

Victoria Wagner (First Year Program) 1950s

Irene Cheng + Janette Kim (Architecture) 1960s

Eduardo Pineda (Critical Ethnic Studies) 1970s

Kari Marboe (Ceramics) 1980s

Thomas Wojak (Printmedia) 1990s

Kim Anno (Painting/Drawing) 2000s

Angela Hennessy (Textiles) 2010s

The Legacy Print Project Subcommittee is led by OCLC co-chairs Deborah Valoma, Lisa Jonas, and Annemarie Haar.


Lisa Jonas

Director, Alumni Engagement