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Summer 2022: Running updates

Posted June 13, 2022, 4:27 PM

Updated June 29, 2022, 10:33 AM

Quick updates from the facilities and operations team:

As we move into the summer of 2022 and prepare for the fall, updates on unification will be fast and frequent. Watch this space for quick updates about progress on our once-in-a-century move from Oakland to San Francisco, and to celebrate the hard work of the many talented and dedicated staff and faculty who have made this all possible.

Wednesday, June 29: New JMA containers being staged in the 80 Carolina parking lot while they await heading to their new home in the Makers Courtyard outside of the old A2 cafe (soon to be the JMA Shop!) -mh

Friday, June 10: Locked Shredders now in 80 Carolina! The top floor has one in the Mail Room (where the printer is) and downstairs is the main lobby. Shred safely to your heart's desire!! -mh

Thursday, June 9: Textiles moved into their new home on 350 Kansas this week! Everything is still getting sorted and arranged by Studio Operations, but it's great to have one significant lift done! -mh

Frequently Asked Questions

We've collected a few of our FAQs below. Is there something you think we should add? Please use the email below to let us know.

Moving boxes and Supplies

Moving boxes and supplies are being delivered and re-stocked by facilities at various locations around both campuses. If you are unable to find boxes, or need more please submit a work request to

What if I need different sized boxes or other materials?

Please work with your area manager to create a list of materials. Move area managers can coordinate purchase or delivery with Facilities.


It will be important to correctly label boxes to ensure they arrive at the correct location and are handled appropriately. Not all boxes must be labeled. Like items may be grouped together with a single sticker/label attached a top.


Items marked for disposal items will go to the appropriate waste stream (Ex. hazmat, recycling, waste, donations, etc.) Consideration will be given to rehoming, and reusing items when feasible, however we can’t bring everything and appreciate your understanding.

Questions about the move? Email To submit a maintenance request, visit