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Creative Accord Mural

Last updated on Dec 08, 2020

During the fall 2020 semester, students in Senior Adjunct Professor Eduardo Pineda’s Critical Ethnic Studies Mural Art Course collaborated with Student Affairs to design and create visual representations of the four Creative Accord principles. Community mural history and collaborative process were used as a model for inclusion to develop these mural friezes on the virtual walls of CCA’s website. To conceptualize these digital images, the class used community mural process and co-creation methods to broaden the participation of the CCA community. Working in four groups with four students each, the designs were produced by interdisciplinary teams. Interviews with CCA staff and faculty expanded student personal understanding of the Creative Accord. Designs were reviewed by a cross section of CCA divisions and programs represented by deans, program chairs, and professors, as well as departments including Student Affairs and Marketing and Communications to form consensus on these visual interpretations. The designs reflect a shared creative journey and awareness of social forces that forge students during their education at CCA.

Visualizing the values

Creative Accord: Thinking Beyond (by Velvet/Qiongwen Cao, Jordyn/Mengqi Ju, Keyan Liao, and Meiru Wang)

Think Beyond

The flash of light and the brain in the container represents the energy of independent creativity that all students bring to CCA, and that impacts their fellow students. Students are represented as youthful and naive artists when they first arrive at CCA and together with their teachers push their art making further.

Velvet/Qiongwen Cao, Animation

Jordyn/Mengqi Ju, Industrial Design

Keyan Liao, Animation

Meiru Wang, Illustration

Creative Accord: Radical Responsibility (by Jason McDonald, Joyce/Da Bean Yu, Hailey/So Jung Kim, and Zephyr/Alicia Villegas)

Radical Responsibility

The idea is based on DOING SOMETHING after you LEARN SOMETHING. It is about taking action instead of being passive. This is shown by having knowledge being the root to our action. We wanted to also put in being inclusive and how it is everyones job and responsibility to take on this role.

Jason McDonald, Glass

Joyce/Da Bean Yu, Illustration

Hailey/So Jung Kim, Fashion Design

Zephyr/Alicia Villegas, Animation

Creative Accord: Cultivate Creative Action (by JE/Jie-I Chen, Luna Jing, Mitchell Shim, and Jung Yong Kim)

Cultivate Creative Action

The idea of this is that we as art students, we use art, creativity and craft as nutrients and power to encourage civic engagement and call action to the community. We focused on spreading a message of caring for each other during the pandemic.

JE/Jie-I Chen, Graphic Design

Luna Jing, Animation

Mitchell Shim, Jewelry and Metal Arts

Jung Yong Kim, Architecture

Creative Accord: Becoming ChimeraMADE (by Xinyan Kong, Jason Saurez, Lauren Brown, and Fatima Mendez)

Becoming ChimeraMADE

Students come to CCA where their own knowledge is saturated with that of others. Students grow and break out as learned artists to take on the world as “creative beasts” — the Chimera.

Xinyan Kong, Photography

Jason Saurez, Animation

Lauren Brown, Illustration

Fatima Mendez, Fashion Design

Mural-making in digital space

Read more how students in the Mural Project course thought beyond the wall with pixels and points.