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Last updated on Sep 02, 2020


Due to the fall 2020 campus gallery closures, the Exhibitions Department is not collecting exhibition requests for the 2020–2021 academic year. Please contact to request support with online events and presentations.

Each spring, exhibition requests can be placed for program exhibitions, faculty organized exhibitions related to coursework, visiting faculty/artists, scholarship or award exhibitions, theme-based or curated exhibitions organized by faculty, project-based exhibitions, or presentations of work developed via industry/local partnerships. The spaces available for proposed programs are the Hubbell Street Galleries in San Francisco, and the Oliver Art Center and Isabelle Percy West Gallery in Oakland.

Exhibitions for the upcoming fall semester will be selected based on applications received by April 5th. We will accommodate as many spring requests as possible. If we have additional spring openings, the application will be reopened in the fall for additional requests, but we recommend requests tied to specific timeframes to be made as early as possible.

The requests will be reviewed by the Exhibitions Department and you will receive a response in late April. We will follow up to either ask additional questions, propose an exhibition location/time-slot, or place you on a waitlist for gallery space. Please note, we typically receive more exhibition requests than is possible to accommodate in the schedule so not all requests will be granted—we’ve included scheduling priorities in the Guidelines document. For example, the last 1-2 weeks of each semester are set aside for curricular-related course exhibitions, but tend to be over-requested so please include as much details as possible in your proposal.

Note: Faculty may apply for Faculty Exhibition Grants of up to $1000 for organizing of a group exhibition at one of CCA’s campus galleries. This is a separate application that is available here. You are welcome to submit both an exhibition request and a grant proposal.

Before applying, please read through the General Exhibitions Request Guidelines. You can also view documentation images from past exhibitions here.

For more information, please contact

General Exhibition Request Guidelines

General Exhibition Handbook