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Exhibition Planning

On this page, you can find floor plans, installation guidelines, and other resources designed for CCA students and curators. For accessibility, admission, and other visitor information, please visit

Members of the CCA community are invited to submit exhibition requests each spring for the following academic year. Requests can be placed for program exhibitions, faculty organized exhibitions related to coursework, visiting faculty/artists, scholarship or award exhibitions, theme-based or curated exhibitions organized by faculty, project-based exhibitions, or presentations of work developed via industry/local partnerships. Fall semester exhibitions are scheduled by late spring; spring semester exhibition schedules are finalized in the fall. Links to exhibition request forms and accompanying guidelines can be found on our Opportunities web page. Please contact with any questions.

Please note that CCA's galleries are open year round, but observe the college's calendar, holidays, and closures.

Inventory Lists

Browse the Exhibitions and Public Programs Department's inventory of pedestals, monitors, and projectors.

San Francisco Inventory

Oakland Inventory

Installation Images

Guidelines and Tips

Documenting Artwork

Video Tutorial: Documenting your Artwork with an iPhone, by aftrART - Tips for photographing small 2D and 3D work with any smart phone (not just iPhones!).

Video Tutorial: How to photograph your artwork, by Royal Academy of Arts - Tips for photographing 2D work with a DSLR camera.

Video Tutorial: Photographing Your Artwork - No studio lights needed, by Wim Bals - More tips for photographing artwork with a smart phone or DSLR camera.

Video Tutorial: How to Photograph Artwork without a Glare, by Caleigh Bird - Tips for photographing shiny artwork without expensive equipment.

Video Tutorial: How Do I Avoid Glare When Photographing My Artwork?, by ArtResin - Tips for photographing shiny artwork using professional equipment. This video gives the most comprehensive review of camera settings, lighting tricks, and photoshop editing.

Article: Documentation, by GYST - Tips for photographing, video-recording, and lighting your artwork with various kinds of equipment, as well as tips for organizing and submitting documentation to museums, curators, etc.

CCA Guidelines

Exhibition Handbook - Learn about the Exhibitions department's media and tool inventories, installation and deinstallation schedules, and more.

Senior Thesis Exhibition Handbook - Read about Senior Thesis Exhibition planning timelines, reception policies, installation techniques, and more.

Senior Exhibition Planning FAQ - Discover the answers to the questions we receive most often about Senior Thesis Exhibitions and receptions.

Facilities Exhibition and Installation Guidelines - Learn about fire and building codes, security, prohibited materials, permitting, and other logistical considerations.