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Last updated on Aug 02, 2023

The Marketing & Communications team receives many questions each semester from all areas of the college. We created this FAQ to be a helpful resource. Here are the most frequently asked questions (FAQs), which we organized in the following sections:

If you have suggestions for changes to this page’s content, please contact us.

Crisis Communication

There’s a crisis happening. How should I tell students/staff/faculty?

Please call 911 and contact Public Safety for any health and safety matters.

All crisis communications will be coordinated through Lindsay Wright. They can be reached via email at or +1 530-906-8805.

How will I be contacted when there is an emergency or timely notice?

CCA uses Rave, a campus-wide emergency response network that quickly informs the community about any situation that poses a threat to safety. In the event of a campus emergency, email alerts will be automatically sent to all CCA email addresses. Students must opt-in to have additional alerts sent to cell phones, landlines, or alternate email addresses.

Events & Photography

Does Marketing & Communications provide photography services?

While we have a multimedia producer who makes strategic photos and videos for prioritized college-wide initiatives, this is not a service we are able to offer the college as a whole. We recommend contacting these freelance photographers.

How can I promote my event?

Read our Event Promotion Checklist for best practices and tips.

How do I get an Eventbrite listing for my event?

You can now create your Eventbrite listing on the CCA Eventbrite account. Please email us to receive access to our Eventbrite account and instructions for creating your Eventbrite listing.

How do I check RSVPs for my Eventbrite listing?

With sub-user access, you'll be able to create events and manage RSVPs.

For event signage, how do I reserve the SF Guard’s Desk and A-frame signs?

Can Marketing & Communications help promote my upcoming event?

Each semester the Office of Marketing and Communications meets with key partners throughout campus to review events and activities scheduled for the upcoming semester. The Marketing & Communications team then determines what aligns with the strategic goals of the college and department, and will assign resources to cover as determined. If your event is not scheduled to be promoted and covered, we can provide a list of preferred vendors who can help with photography, videography, writing, editing, proofreading, etc.

Please review our Corrections Policy for guidance on how to submit a thorough request. Next, email us with the URL, if applicable, and a brief summary. We’ll follow up with you as soon as possible if we need clarification and when the issue is resolved.

How do I submit photo corrections or updates to

Email us with the URL and your requested correction(s) or update(s).

Marketing & Communications let me know my correction has been made. Do I need to do anything else?

Please take the time to:

  • Review the page(s) again
  • Verify that you have no more changes

How can I get my event on the homepage?

While we do occasionally promote high-profile, institutional events on the homepage, this is not a service we are able to offer the college as a whole.

Can I get my story on the homepage?

Stories for the homepage are selected by the Marketing & Communications editorial team based on institutional goals and priorities. We always appreciate learning about compelling stories happening on campus. Submit your story.

If we’re interested in featuring your story on the homepage, a Marketing & Communications team member will be in touch.

How can I get a press release about my program’s achievements, new hires, events, partnerships, etc.?

While we occasionally write programmatic and institutional press releases for high-profile news and events, this is not an on-demand service we can offer the college as a whole. Please email us to discuss your newsworthy item.

A prominent news source published an article written by CCA faculty or covered a CCA initiative. How can I get it posted on

Congratulations! We want to know about it! Submit your ideas here or for consideration for CCA’s social media,, or the Creative Brief.

Social Media

I want to create a social media account for a CCA-related entity. Is that okay?

A successful social media presence requires a significant amount of time and effort! Please email us to set up a consultation with CCA’s social media team.

Can I get my event or news promoted on CCA’s main social media channels?

Please submit your tips to our Share Your CCA News form. If you can, try to give us at least a two-week lead time to thoughtfully plan our content.

I recently took on managing a CCA sub-brand social media account. What should I do?

Contact to set up a consultation with CCA’s Social Media Manager. This consultation will get you up to speed on best practices, discuss your goals and how to achieve them.


Do I need to send my collateral to Marketing & Communications for a brand review?

We are unable to provide Brand Review services at this time. Please refer to our Visual Brand Guidelines. Pay particular attention to the CCA logo size minimums and color requirements, as listed in the Identity section.

Where can I download the CCA brand logos and view the color palette?

You can find them in our Brand Toolkit.

Where can I download the CCA brand fonts?

CCA has a limited number of font licenses, and each one can only be installed on one machine at a time. If you have access, please don’t share your fonts. Instead, email us to request a license. You can also use our open-source alternate fonts that can be downloaded from the Brand Toolkit.

Design Assets

I need a design. Where can I download branded templates?

The Brand Toolkit has InDesign templates for print and digital use. We’ll continue to build out the template library, so check back again later.

I need a logo for my program. Can I design my own, or request Marketing & Communications to design one?

CCA’s primary logo should be used at all times. Please refer to the CCA Visual Brand Guidelines for logo usage and how to apply to individual designs, and layout with other logos.

We are currently developing a CCA sub-brand system, so check back soon for unit-specific marks.

Does the college have a shared marketing image library? When will we get access?

A new one is coming soon. We aim to make this available to departments soon.

Is anything happening to Vault?

CCA hosts a library of images and audio on VAULT and this will continue to serve as the archive for school media and student work. Many images on VAULT are licensed for reuse, provided they're not being used for commercial purposes (i.e., you're not selling copies of them). Please email Eric Phetteplace if you need VAULT support.

Where can I download the CCA letterhead templates?

You can download a digital version of the CCA letterheads (SF and OAK) through Google Drive.

  1. Log in to CCA email
  2. Open Google Drive
  3. Click "New," then choose "from a template" from the dropdown menu

Please contact Purchasing if your inventory of printed letterhead stock needs to be replenished.

I need location signage for my office. What do I do?

Please contact Operations for signage requests.

Can Marketing & Communications recommend freelance designers and print vendors to work with?

We work with a number of experienced freelancers familiar with CCA’s branding and style guide. For a print vendor, please email Marketing & Communications.

I need someone to copy-edit or proofread my collateral / email / press release. What do I do?

Please peruse this list, where we’ve gathered our favorite vendors.

Where can I download the campus maps to use in my collateral?

PDF versions of the San Francisco and Oakland campus maps are available in the Brand Toolkit site for download. If you need interior maps of the CCA campus buildings, or editable versions of maps for your collateral, please contact Operations.

Please include a few details about your project, so they can properly assist you.

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