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Last updated on Aug 12, 2021

Continuing Student Transfer Credit Procedures

The continuing student Transfer Credit Approval Request (TCAR) is a process allowing CCA Undergraduate students to enroll at other institutions and transfer in up to 12 units of credit after starting their academic careers at CCA.

By submitting TCARs, students agree that they have reviewed and agreed to the following policies:

Follow these steps to assure transfer credit

Prepare TCAR form

  1. Decide where you want to study. CCA accepts transfer credit from domestic and international institutions, as long as instruction is in English.
  2. Visit the external institution’s website and view their course catalog. CCA accepts transfer courses taken online or in-person.
  3. Search for potential transfer courses using our Key Words Chart as a guide.
  4. Save a copy of the external course description that includes the external institution name, course name, course code, and the course start and end dates.

Submit TCAR in Workday

  1. Log in to Workday and submit the Academic: Transfer Credit Approval Request for each external course you are requesting transfer credit. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your request to be processed.
  2. Once Student Records has approved your transfer request(s), you may complete the course registration process at your chosen institution.

All requests for Summer 2021 are due by Friday, May 7th, 2021.

After Course Completion

Send your official transcript to the Student Records Office. Please submit official electronic transcripts via Parchment Exchange, or another third party provider directly to the Student Records Office. Electronic transcripts are preferred at this time. You may also mail official paper transcripts to the Student Records Office, which must be sealed and unopened, with the external college's official insignia or seal.

Email Address:

Mailing Address:
Student Records Office
California College of the Arts
1111 Eighth Street
San Francisco, CA 94107-2247

All courses must be pre-approved by the Student Records office. Approved courses do not constitute a contractual agreement between CCA and any other school.

See your Academic Advisor for assistance in reviewing your current progress towards degree requirements, potential opportunities for transfer credit, and possible impact on your Academic Progress.

Key Words Chart for Transfer Courses

CCA Courses

Typical College Subjects

Key Words

Drawing 1
(FYCST 1000)

Art, Design

Introduction to Drawing, Perspective, Drawing from Observation

2D Design
(FYCST 1040)

Art, Design

Form and Color, Elements of Art, Principles of Design

3D Design
(FYCST 1080)

Art, Design

Three-dimensional, Sculpture, Fabrication

4D Design
(FYCST 1120)

Art, Design, Digital Media

Time-based projects, Web Design, Digital Literacy

Writing 1
(WRLIT 1030)

English, Writing

Composition and Reading

Writing 2
(WRLIT 2030)

English, Writing

Composition, Research, Writing about Literature

Intro to Arts
(HAAVC 1040)

Art History, Ancient

Introduction to Art History [Prehistory through the Renaissance]

Intro to Modern Arts
(HAAVC 1080)

Art History, Modern

History of Modern Art [18th Century through Present]

Foundations in Critical Studies
(CRTSD 1500)

Philosophy, Humanities

Contemporary Philosophy, Ethics

Critical Ethnic Studies Seminar
(ETHSM 2000)

Women’s Studies, Ethnic Studies, LGBTQ Studies

Social Inequalities, Race, Gender, Class, and how these impact: Art, History, Politics, Literature, Culture

Literature of the Performing Arts
(LITPA 2000)

English Literature

History of Music, History of Theater, Writer Studies

Philosophy and Critical Theory
(PHCRT 2000)


Philosophy, Critical Thinking

(SCIMA 2000)

Science, Math

Physical Science, Biology, Geology, Physics, Physical Anthropology, Physical Geography, College Math

Social Science and History 
(SSHIS 2000)

Social Science, History

Social Science, Psychology, Sociology, Cultural Geography, Cultural Anthropology, Political Science, Economics, Gender/Sexuality Studies, History

History of Art and Visual Culture
(HAAVC 2000)

Art, Art History

Film History, Art History, Design History

Studio Elective
(ELECT 7950)

Art, Design, Digital Media

Any college-level studio course

Additional Resources

Visit the following sites for more transfer assistance:

CCA Articulation Agreements
Articulation Agreements are pre-approved transfer courses between CCA and other institutions. CCA is working to add more schools to our Articulation Agreement roster. is a website that allows students to see if specific courses from California Community Colleges are transferable to CSU or UC. CCA accepts courses that are transferable to CSU or UC.

Further questions may be directed to